Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Well hello there!

Technically it's still summer until September 20th, and we (in Canada) are having some of our hottest days of the year... but my mindset is fall. As soon as Labour Day passes I'm ready for the comfy sweaters, jeans, and boots to come out. It's a good thing I work with clothes because this is exactly what happens the week before. But... fashion week is commencing basically right now which means that more trends will start emerging in the following weeks, even though Fall's fashion week was back in March.

Essentially what I'm trying to get at here is that I'm going to show you some of my favourite trends for fall. I've decided to do a larger budget item and a lower budget item for each trend so that no one is feeling left out of this post!

Structured Jackets:
I've always been one to wear some oversized floppy jacket from fall to winter and probably into spring, but this year I'm really liking the look of a straight lined structured jacket.

Leather Jackets:
Leather jackets are a classic fall staple and it takes a while to find the perfect one that stands out from the crowd.

Black Jeans:
As soon as the colder months hit, I feel less guilty about wearing an all black ensemble, which is the perfect reason to buy new black jeans (but make sure to wash them correctly for less fading).

Paint Splatter Boyfriend Jeans:
The roomiest pair of jeans get even cooler when they're splattered with paint, especially when it looks accidental.

Chunky Cardigans:
Up your cardigan game for fall by choosing cozy and thick ones to keep yourself warm.

Wearable Work Boots:
Those who know me, know my love for Timberlands which is where this next trend is going, but I'm stepping away from the classic tan and stepping into a classic black.

Panama Hat:
Taking a different approach to the beanie for this fall season might just be what our heads need. If you are on Vine a lot, you might know who Kurtis Conner is and that's where this "inspiration" came from... I am now getting inspiration from a comedian on an application. 

I'm a plain Jane when it comes to things like sweaters and tees (and long sleeves but I just consider them all tees) which is why I haven't featured those in this post. I know that fuzzy sweaters are in again, but I am not hoping on that bandwagon! These few trends might not be a favourite for all, but they'll all be appearing in my fall wardrobe!

What's your favourite trend for fall?



  1. I love these styles, but I could never look this cute. The paint jeans are so cute!!!! I really love dark cardigan.
    #bbloggers blog hop

    1. Everyone can look this cute! The options just need to be adjusted to fit your personal style!


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