A Geometrical Dream

Well hello there!

I"m always in the mood to completely revamp my room, yet I never actually go through with it. Probably because I know that within a week I'll want to change it and it's not worth my money to do it. But I can dream, and that's just what I did. I used my classic list of "a million things I want based on a trend." The trend I'm into right now is chromatic, geometrical, & modern. I've chosen all of the pieces from Urban Outfitters because frankly, they just have a huge amount to choose from.

So to see how I would decorate my room with an unlimited budget, scroll on my friends, scroll on!

I've always loved a simple design and I think that a chromatic colour scheme really makes the geometry look very modern and less childish. I've chosen to add some furry pieces to soften the harshness of the geometrical design and make it more cozy, because a room has to be nice & cozy after all!

What theme would you use to decorate your room if you had an unlimited budget?


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  1. The rug and the throw are gorgeous! Having a rug is great especially when you have wood or laminate flooring because it gets so cold in the winter! The throw is also perfect for keeping you warm, it looks really Christmas-y too!

    Rhiannon xxx



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