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While I was looking at items for my last blog post, I found a lot of art that I fell in love with. And I figured, why not share some of my current and past art findings which have worked their way into my heart? But I think it might be nice to share a little back story about my love for art.

I have always been the child painting or creating something artistic so it's never surprised me how much I love art. I decided to take art for an "elective" (it wasn't really an elective as much as a choice between art and auto) in grade 9. I didn't like the replacement teacher too much so I decided to not continue on in my grade 10 year, even though the original art teacher had come back. When grade 11 came around I decided to pick back up on art, take a grade 10 course first period and the grade 11 course for second period. My entire mornings were filled with art. The next semester I decided to be a peer tutor (for a co-op class) for the grade 9 art class because I knew how influential grade 9 art can be. I then took grade 12 art the following year, and spent my spare periods in the art room too. A lot of it had to do with my teacher, Mrs. Duggan, but I really fell in love with not just creating art but constantly being surrounded by it. I even went on an art trip to NYC where we spent 4 days in museums. I hated how cold it was and most of the time just wanted to go home, but I really loved the trip and still talk about the museums.

I think that's a pretty good back story about how I fell in love with art. But this isn't about me, it's about the artists I want to showcase. You'll find that I love a lot of prints (art that is made the exact same multiple times, typically due to digital printing) because it means that a lot of people can have it. But I also love paintings (mostly watercolour) because of how original and personal they are. I also love big scale sculptures (but those are pretty difficult to hang on your bedroom wall) and photography, but for this post I'm just going to stick with prints and paintings.

I've decided to choose art that you can purchase because I believe in supporting the artists, and also growing a collection of art.

A lot of artwork that I've chosen is prints, simply because they are one of the most available artworks. People tend to want prints because they're easy to frame and they are much easier to ship out by the artist. Canvas paintings are a little more difficult because they are on canvas and you can't really choose a size when ordering them. Prints are typically less expensive as well which is why you see them a lot more than you do paintings.

Obviously everyone's taste for art is different but these are just some of the pieces that I love! If you like these pieces or want to see more of what each artist has to offer, just click on the links and look around! All of these pieces are available to buy and most of them are inexpensive as well! Also, artists love to hear that you love their work so even if you don't buy anything, drop them a line or two to tell them what you think!

What kind of artwork do you like?


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