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Well hello there!

Who would have guessed that a trend for fall is boots? It's an extremely rare occurrence!

I'm hoping you can sense my sarcasm there, if not I'm concerned for you. Obviously boots are the footwear for fall simply because they're practical for the season. You can't wear boots in the summer without filling them up with sweat and odor, and the same can probably apply for spring as well. For the colder months they keep your feet nice and warm through the rain and muck (and dare I say the snow). Not to mention that they're absolutely stunning and fashionable. And now that it is technically Autumn, I'm going to share some of my favourites for the season!

Rain Boots:

Casual/Everyday Boots:

Fancier Boots:

Riding Boots:

Hiking/Work Boots:

Grunge Boots:

Army Boots:

Moto Boots:

Cutout Boots:

Western Boots:

Fur/Fleece & Leather Combination Boots:

I've chosen to search through the fast fashion stores for "trendier" pieces. I don't believe in paying a large amount of money on something that will only last the season. Choosing more classic pieces would be worth an investment as they'll never go out of style. Also, I've chosen black boots (with the exception of one) simply because it suits everyone and is very basic. Some boots may come in other colours, you'll just have to search on the website for them!

Some of these are a bit more expensive than others and also considerably expensive for fast fashion pieces. Within the next couple of weeks most stores will be giving insane deals (at least in Canada) so watch out for those! Boots from Urban Outfitters are 25% off right now, so if you like the boots I've chosen from there or want to search for others, buy them this instant!

I hope I've chosen a boot for everyone, but there are so many available I'm sure you'll find your perfect one out there somewhere!

What is your favourite boot trend and where will you be buying it from?




  1. This is like the ultimate master post for Autumn boots! I especially love all the ankle boots you picked out :)

    Lagerfeld Love


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