Splurge vs. Save: A General List

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Yesterday I received the J. Crew November 2014 Style Guide in the mail... so basically I received my winter wardrobe wishlist (say that 5 times fast) in a book. While dreaming about wearing the fabulous pieces showcased, I really thought about what I would rather splurge on than "save."

Typically I'm the kind of person who likes to save on everything so that I can continue to buy new pieces all of the time. But you know how there's that one item you buy and it's the most perfect version of itself, and then it rips or gets an impossible stain so you have to throw it out, yet you can never find it again or anything just like it when you compare the two? That happens to me all of the time, which has led me to start splurging on 'perfect' items that last much longer than the cheaper version.

However, just because I find a perfect version of something doesn't mean I always splurge on it. I have a set list of items that I'm willing to splurge on and a set list of items that I want to save on. Without further ado, here is my splurge vs. save list!


Working in a retail store that specializes in jeans has made me realize that the cheapest jeans aren't worth the "cheap" price. Typically jeans now cost $50 minimum, which isn't so cheap, but it's definitely not overly expensive either, These jeans start to wear down much quicker because the quality isn't always there, and jeans are really hard to shop for in the first place! I would rather spend more money (up to $150) on a good pair of jeans that will last me years rather than a few months.


T-shirts are those things that everyone needs and has a bunch of. Saving on these is much more realistic because tees start to lose their fit by the 3rd or 4th wash & wear. Honestly, I wouldn't spend more than $30 on a tee shirt to be the extreme maximum I would go up to. I like my $5 tees from Forever 21 the most!


Depending on what the sweater is made of, you can go either way on this. If it's a cashmere sweater that you're going to take care of properly, go ahead and splurge! If you want something just to keep you warm around the house, save on it. Sweaters are getting more and more expensive as the months go on because they;re starting to be made of thicker material, so get them while they're on sale!


Coats are something that spending a large amount of money on a quality item isn't looked down upon, and there's a reason for that! You need coats that will keep you warm on those frigid winter days, and typically they consist of expensive material to make. I would say spend more on a classic style and colour coat and less on a fast fashion coat, simply because the classic one will be wearable in 5 years.


Okay, so being honest, I never buy spring and fall jackets. I think sweaters do the perfect job come spring and for the first part of fall, and then winter coats for the end of fall. For this reason, I say save on the jackets! They're more of a fashion statement than a practical piece (unless you buy a rain coat).


Purses are a difficult topic because depending on the style and material, they can either be splurged or saved on. For a classic purse made of real (read: some sort of animal skin) material, splurge to your hearts content! But for a fast fashion or one time use purse, save your money and wait for a splurge worthy bag to come along!


Yet again, sticking with the classic vs. fast fashion theme, splurge on the classics and save on the rest of them!


If you're looking for practical boots, splurge on them. For fashionable ones, save on them because they'll be out of style in 2 weeks. And by boots, I don't mean the popular Ugg style because they are neither practical or fashionable. Just don't buy them (trust me, they aren't worth the $200 for sopping wet feet and they take about 2 days to dry out).

Running Shoes/Sneakers:

If you're going to be doing actual exercise in these kinds of shoes, splurge on the right pair. Don't pay $180 on Nike's just because they're Nike's. Actually do your research to find which ones you need for your foot and exercise type. Save on sneakers that you wear for fashion purposes because you will look like an idiot for spending $200 on sneakers "just because they're cute."

Flats/Sandals/Wedges/Any other shoe that you can think of:

Save save save save save. That style will be gone in 0.5 seconds so don't bother spending a ton of money on them. But make sure that if you're going to buy flip flops, find ones that won't kill your feet the entire time you're wearing them.

It's a pretty obvious and common sense list, at least I think so. Some pieces are extremely expensive and some are super cheap, and I hope this list appeals to all budget types! Obviously you can find splurge and save on what you want to, and all of these places have different options for every item on the list. Hopefully this helps you out when you're deciding what to buy! Happy shopping!

What's your one splurge and one save item for this winter season?


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