My Favourite Pre-Show V.S. Looks!

Well hello there!

I know I know, I've been a little absent lately. I don't even have a good excuse for it either, other than just pure laziness. I've had ideas come and go, I've had plans for those ideas, and I've had the time to write them. Frankly, I've just been more interested in sleeping and scrolling through Instagram. But I decided that since this week is going to be an extremely busy one, I should probably write something. And because I've been spending A LOT of time on Instagram, I'm going to use it to my advantage.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London is coming up very shortly... actually, I'm pretty sure they're filming it this week sometime (I'm probably wrong). There's obviously been a lot of news surrounding it because the fittings have come and gone and models are announcing that they're a part of the show themselves. And why not get everyone super excited for the show by showcasing sneak peeks, or even full displays, of the outfits on Instagram?

I follow a large portion of these models on social media because there's nothing that will make you feel better than seeing stunning models wearing $2 million bras on a daily basis. But as I was looking through Instagram to talk about my predictions for the show, I found out that British Vogue has listed all of the themes. So that plan has been ditched and I'm just going to show you some of my favourite looks going into the show, which makes for a less exciting post. Also, I was quite wrong on my predictions which I'm kind of thankful that I didn't post... but let's get on with it!

"Be honest ladies, we all have one of these outfits in our closet. Right? @doutzen #VSFashionShow #DramaDramaDrama"-Victoria's Secret

 "Talk about fringe benefits—@LilyMDonaldson’s #VSFashionShow look, featuring @official_swarovski crystals, is simply stunning!" -Victoria's Secret

 "@KarlieKloss's #VSFashionShow wings are just mesmerizing. We'll take a pair to go, please!" -Victoria's Secret

 "The girl with the golden wings: @angelcandices has landed! #VSFashionShow" -Victoria's Secret

"@behatiprinsloo gets ready to walk in her SEVENTH #VSFashionShow! See the full story on @thecoveteur. #regram" -Victoria's Secret

"The dynamic duo in their Fantasy Bras! Watch @GoodMorningAmerica tomorrow for an interview with @AdrianaLima & @AlessandraAmbrosio. #VSFantasyBra @mouawadjewelry" -Victoria's Secret

Overall, the costumes are absolutely stunning, and the fact that there will be 2 fantasy bras is incredible! Not much of the Pink collection has been shown yet, but I think it will do really well this year with the younger viewers considering the theme is University of Pink. My favourite theme is the Angel Ball, which I thought was going to be Dark Angel, because it really brings out the extremely sultry side of Victoria's Secret.

I can't wait to watch the show on December 9th, and you can bet I'll be tweeting about it the entire time (shameless plug in hopes that you'll follow me on twitter...) ! 

What do you hope to see this year on the runway?


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