My 2014... According to Instagram!

Well hello there!

The year is coming to a close and what's better than reflecting on it? Nothing, that's what! 2014 has been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions for me, and it's also been one of my favourite social media years. I started this blog, found out that tweeting wasn't necessarily something I had to do every single second, and realized that not one person cares what I'm eating while they're looking through Instagram. Since the lovely picture app has been my go-to lately, I figured there's no better way to shamelessly plug my account than by showing you what I've posted this year! 

Cue selfies... !

 First selfie of 2014

 My best friend is pretty awesome

And then she came to visit me

 Just after I got everyone's favourite of my tattoo's done

 I started to love taking panorama's and pictures of the sky

This was when I started caring about what I wore in public

 Starbucks addiction just got real

 My first ever outfit of the day post!

 Second tattoo of the year

I bake quite a lot, even in the middle of summer 

 Crop tops at weddings

 Tattoo roulette

 And this is when selfies started to overtake my life...

 Cut all of my hair off, finally...

 Matching tattoos with my best friend

Starting my art collection of right with a piece by Peter Carrington

 I made Halloween pretty

 And here comes the pink...

I never showed my pink hair on here, so here it was at it's brightest 

5th and final tattoo of the year 

 Just after I bought my new coat and found out that I was born an eskimo

 This wasn't posed at all...

 3 more piece by Peter Carrington

 One of my finer outfits of the year

And my last #selfiesunday featuring quite a bit of sideboob

Overall, this year my Instagram has been loaded with selfies and tattoos because that's all a girl will ever need. It's also documented my hair from dark brown to pink and my use of instasize. I can't wait to see what this next year will hold for me in pictures, and you can follow along for the journey!

I always use Instagram to tell people about my blog posting's so make sure to follow me if you want to see which one I'll be using for this post!

I hope you all have the best New Year ever, and I hope that 2014 has been good to you. I will see all of you lovely people in 2015!


PSSST I have other social media accounts too:



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