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I'm so excited to share this post with all of you that I couldn't wait to write it! At this point in time your Christmas shopping should be done, unless you're like me and still have about 7 people to buy for and you plan to do it all Christmas Eve. I think this is the majority of people because I'm still discussing with my coworkers and friends about possible ideas for gifts... Essentially what I'm showing to you would be a gift for someone who you won't see before or on Christmas, but this is the kind of thing that is perfect all year round. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or even just because!

I came across this company called Nayme Inc. in a Canadian magazine called LOULOU that talked about personalizing necklaces based on a name. I've always known my name to mean "son of the king" so I was immediately compelled to see what kind of pendant this company would have for me. After scrolling on the first page of the website, I finally put my name in to become extremely surprised. My name isn't common so I didn't expect to find it, but when I did and realized that my pendant had nothing to do with kings or sons, I almost cried with relief. Instead I was brought to this stunning phoenix necklace with a completely different meaning then what I've always been told. 

"Of Irish origin, meaning "fire-born," represented by our stunning oval pendant featuring an intricately designed phoenix with feather and wing detailing."

Those of you whom have read my tattoo masterpost would know that I have a feather tattooed on my side. I've always connected with feathers and birds somehow but I never really understood. When I read this, I knew exactly that this "son of the king" stuff has never meant MacKenzie at least in terms of myself. It's almost like these people had unleashed this knowledge and understanding within my heart that I would never be able to explain to anyone. But this isn't even how I came to realize that this company is something I would support.

After spending about 3-4 weeks debating on a gift to give to my friend, I finally came to the conclusion that this would be the perfect gift for her. I searched her unique name and was brought to a screen that told me her name had not been requested or made before, but if I had any concerns about it I could e-mail them. So that's what I did. I gave them her name along with the origin and meaning of her name and sent it on it's interweb way. I received a reply much quicker than I'm used to with most companies that contained a link to a necklace that they had found based on the information I gave them. I was so in awe of this that I immediately replied with my appreciation towards them and purchased the necklace.

It's not often that when you e-mail a company they respond with such sincerity and without a generic "thank you, tell everyone" message. But with Nayme Inc., I felt as though they appreciated my business as well as my interest in their company, without telling me to spread the word. It was also extremely personal rather than "so and so from the company you're emailing from the costumer problems department who really wishes you didn't email them because it's more work I have to do." Which essentially is why I decided to tell everyone reading this.  

Nayme Inc. is a Canadian company (FINALLY) founded by two university roommates, Louise and Keriann. 

"Our goal is to help you celebrate the meaningful people in your life. At the core, our necklaces are a subtle, personal and beautiful way of expressing your love for that special someone by representing one of their most intimate attributes: their name. We believe that this is a truly unique gift she's sure to love."

Their friendship allowed them to build this incredible company and allow people all over the world be able to give extremely personal gifts to those that they love. But it doesn't stop there. With their amazing customer service and their beautiful jewelry, it's impossible not to support these two wonderful women in their journey. 

At the end of the day, I hope these lovely ladies make it far and make it big, in every aspect of their lives.

What does your name mean when it comes to Nayme?

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  1. Hey MacKenzie!

    We were going to email you in private but your post is open and honest so we thought we'd stick with that spirit. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind post about us! We love that you felt connected with your Nayme Necklace and really got what we're trying to do with Nayme. As an online store, we relish the chance to hear from our customers and work with them on a one to one basis. Also, we wanted to tell you that on a personal level, posts like this really encourage us that we're on the right track! Thank you so much and hey, since you are trying to find your way in the fashion industry, please let us know if we can ever return the favor and help at all!

    All the best,
    Louise & Keriann


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