England's Best Known Secret

Well hello there!

I couldn't quite name this post "England's Best Kept Secret" because so many people already know about this amazing brand, so I chose the one I used... obviously. I've known about River Island for quite a bit but I never really knew exactly what they were. I know Rihanna did a line with them and basically every British blogger/vlogger has worn River Island at least once. But when I was looking for a pair of chelsea boots (everyone knows the UK does them better) I figured I should check them out just to look. Boy oh boy I was not disappointed... and I only looked at the boots!

The way I'm going to describe the brand in my terms will not do it justice whatsoever. I think River Island is a less "high-fashion" Zara, but with the same kind of feel. By that I mean that they carry a lot of the same things Zara does, yet the patterns and cuts of what they do give it a totally different look. They essentially want you to be able to put together an outfit very easily and still look amazing and trendy. In River Island's words (which are much more creditable than mine) "River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion and the unique touches we bring to our collections, which give us standout from the rest of the High Street. Our customers love us for our great going-out looks, amazing denim and fabulous shoes and bags, as well as being the perfect place to pick up everything you could need to get a complete head-to-toe look."

I think I'm going to start this new year off with a classic list-of-items-I-adore type of post, so here are my favourite items from their "New Arrivals" for women's section!

I know I know, winter isn't over yet and I've chosen a lot of spring choices, but I just can't wait for spring to come this year! I'm really feeling structured items in neutral colours, as well as blanket capes. They are my absolute favourite thing coming into 2015 and the two I listed are made for spring with their subtle and pastel colours, which are beautiful. I can't wait for lighter jacket weather to come! River Island is killing it this year!

What's your favourite brand from another country?

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  1. I don't normally look on River Island but there are so many things on this post that I want! Especially the capes... looks like a shopping trip is in order!

    Katie xx


    1. I'm glad I could help inspire a shopping trip! Make sure to let me know what you end up getting !

  2. I've never heard of River Island (probably because I don't live in the UK) but I do love the romper!


    1. I watch a lot of the British YouTuber's (and read their blogs) so that's how I found out about them! I love the romper too, it's not a pastel so it's more versatile than more that are made for spring!


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