My Most Sought After: Beauty!

Well hello there!

I'd like to start this post off with an apology for being pretty absent for the last week, but I do have a good reason for being so. This week I spent writing an analytic essay to apply to Pratt Institute! It obviously takes a lot of time and dedication to do so which is why I've sort of neglected this. However, it's all done now and I'm happy to be back writing informally!

If you've read any of my other posts you'd know that I'm someone who looooooves to want things. I create endless lists about all of the products that I want or love. This gave me a new idea for a category to post in: My Most Sought After ! I like to create this imaginary list in my head of things that I want to buy first once I get paid, but now I'm going to be writing it out and sharing it with all of you!

To start off on a nice easy note, I decided to go with beauty products. Yes, beauty changes every so often but not as much as fashion, and I've had these items in my head for a really long while. That says a lot because realistically I'm not much of a beauty guru, I just wear makeup on a daily basis (read: when I have to leave my house). I read beauty blog's all of the time and they all recommend the same things, sometimes different, so this is a generic list of all the items they've mentioned. Also, I have a lot of friends (yes, friends, I have them) who are really into makeup so I've been listening intently to hear what they use too!

Without further ado, here are my most sought after beauty products (of February 2015; because we all know I'll want different things next month)!:





I'm sure all of you have heard of the listed products because they're all super popular among beauty gurus. Most of them have been cult products for years. I didn't include skincare items because I'm actually using my only choice for that on right now, and I'll be doing a review on the Clinique 3-Step-System in the very near future!

One of the websites that I like to use to keep all of my most sought after items in place is WantFeed! You can follow your favourite bloggers (cough, me, cough, COUGH), your friends, or anyone you want to! It's an easy way to give everyone super subtle hints, like the one I provided you with above, about things you want and even to get ideas from others! Another way it can be used is as a shopping list! There are so many ways to use it, so head on over there and sign up to start wanting!

What are your most sought after beauty items?

My most sought after thing of all time is to have you follow me on social media!



  1. It's hard to fit blogging in these days, I'm busy with essays too! Loving the Miley Cyrus mac collection!

    Harry styles inspired outfit post is up, would love if you could check it out! X


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