Spring Switch Up!

Well hello there!

We all know that Spring brings pastels and florals when it comes to fashion, and it's not much of a shock when these colours and prints roll down the runway at any S/S Fashion Week show. Typically the only thing that changes from year to year are the types of clothes and the cuts of them, along with the makeup/hair and shoes. It's a really unexciting week for fashion, or so I think, because there's nothing really new coming out. Hence the reason I once tweeted:
So what I think we all need for this spring is a switch. Now I'm not saying abandon these two themes altogether, let's just alter them a teensy bit. For an explanation and some examples scroll on down!

Darker Florals: We're used to really light and dainty floral pieces, so for this spring make it darker and bolder

Dusty Pastels: A dusty pastel to me is a colour that is still light but it has a less bright/white appearance

Grey Jeans: True blue and light wash jeans are typical, so opt for a grey jean instead

Long Coats: Play up a shorter hem and all of the dresses you want to wear with a longline duster coat

Printed Cigarette Trousers: For a night out or even to work wear a printed cigarette trouser to stand out amongst those bare legs

Long Sleeve Dresses: As soon as spring hits everyone wants to show off their arms, but they end up having to wear a coat. Skip the extra layer and opt for long sleeved dresses

Short Hems: Long story short, cut it off and crop it out

Metallic Shoes: Shine up those dark and dusty colours and make an entrance in these shoes!

I know it seems like there's a lot of different changes that I think should be made, but they're not dramatic ones. I didn't have to search far and wide for these items; it was actually difficult to find the typical spring items if you would believe it! A lot of these pieces crossover into different categories, and a lot of them can be paired together for an outfit. I found myself choosing items based on ones I had chosen as a basic piece for each category, so it's really simple to convert to these changes for spring!

What changes do you want to make to the "pastel and floral" constant theme for spring?

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