Calling All Collar Necklaces

Well hello there!

It's a wonderfully sunny winter day here in Canada and I'm nicely curled up in bed participating in some much needed relaxation. Normally relaxation to me means that I'm going to scroll through countless clothing websites looking at everything they have to offer so that I can create a shopping list and some inspiration. Which is exactly what I've done to bring you this tiny list.

We all know that chokers/collar necklaces have been back on trend recently, but they're not exactly for everyone... until now. I know that I'm not the kind of person who can pull off a plastic black choker with ease which is why I've searched for the perfect, cheap yet looks expensive, dainty collar necklaces. Without further ado, I present you with easy to wear chokers!

The key to finding a cheap necklace - all of these are under $35 - that looks expensive is to not overdo it. Look for minimal pieces that have a bit of uniqueness to them. Adding pearls, gems, beads, and any kind of fabric to them really tips it off that they're cheap. Also, finding dainty pieces and layering them properly, like the silver ASOS choker, really helps to make it look more expensive. 

These collar necklaces are extremely universal, and can be worn for a night out or just a casual day, by anyone! 

What do you think about chokers?

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