Finding and Keeping!

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I follow a lot of people, brands, magazines, & celebrities on Instagram - almost 600 accounts! This typically means every 2 hours (or less) I check my feed to make sure that I don't get to that dreaded last picture where Instagram basically tells you that you haven't been active recently and won't let you scroll anymore. It also means that I see a lot of people wearing fabulous clothes all of the time which makes me quite jealous. One day I just happened to be scrolling along to and I immediately stopped, double tapped, and then looked at the tags to find out what brand this girl was wearing. I came across an Australian brand named Finders Keepers with absolutely brilliant pieces and patterns. And I'm going to share some of my favourite Spring pieces with you!

I love the floral, gingham and tartan prints that Finders Keepers has going this season. The cuts of the clothing make them sophisticated but the prints add this playful side to fashion. This brand is exactly what everyone needs for Spring!

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Have you heard of Finders Keepers? Whats your favourite piece?
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