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I'm sure at this point you've heard about those monthly subscriptions that can get you makeup, or food, or random little bits and bobs. But something that hasn't really "made the news" too much when it comes to subscription boxes is the ones involving clothes. Now it seems kind of crazy and kind of weird to be receiving clothes in a box in the mail based on a personality test, but just hear me out.

The interesting thing about monthly clothing subscription boxes is that they don't just send you whatever clothes and make you pay for them if you don't like them. What a lot of them do is each month they come out with a new "line" just for you and you get to pick which items you want to buy. Basically what it gives you is a personal shopper, who based on the test you take, chooses items they think you will like and they offer them to you. It takes all the guess work out of shopping. It makes life easier. Are you excited? You better be! Here are some of the subscriptions that I've found that I want to share with you!

Now, PopBasic isn't really a subscription service. You sign up, yes. You are shown new styles each month, yes. But you aren't locked in, and it isn't a line chosen just for you. Essentially what they do is create a limited "micro collection" that only allows a certain amount to be sold. The clothes are strictly exclusive to PopBasic, so you won't find them elsewhere. Click here to sign up and get a $15 credit!

Stitch Fix;
Stitch Fix is a U.S. clothing subscription (it isn't available to anyone outside the US currently) that has a unique payment plan. You take the quiz, and then once you decide you want a shipment (it's totally up to you when you want one) you're charged $20 for the styling fee. They send you 5 items that they think you will like, and out of those items you choose what you want to buy. The $20 you paid will then go toward your purchase. Anything you don't like must be sent back within 3 days, but if you like it all you get 25% off your entire order! Sign up here!

Wantable Intimates:

Wantable has multiple subscription services but the one that caught my eye was the Intimate one. As you can see, you pay $40 for the first month ($36 each month after should you keep all of the items in the previous month's collection) and you get 3-4 pieces. Then you again choose which items you want to keep and which items you don't (if there are any). If you keep all of them, you do not pay anything extra to keep them and receive $4 off for the next month. If you decide you don't want all of them, the amount of what you don't want will be given back to you but you will have to pay $40 again for the next month. Returns are free within the US (they charge for outside the US, but will repay you for any duty or taxes you had to pay). Sign up here!

Frank & Oak:
Frank & Oak is for all the men out there. Not too often do men get these kinds of services provided to them so this is an extremely interesting one. Men are given personal stylists who showcase a selection of items to which they choose 5 to be sent to their house for them to try on. Like the other subscriptions, you purchase what you like and send back what you don't. There's a yearly price of $30 which is separate to your purchases but includes free shipping and most likely your stylists fee. The interesting part is that you get 4%  store credit when you make a purchase, and they actually have a store in MontrĂ©al! Sign up here!

The really nice thing about all of these websites is that they all offer discounts, promotions, and some of them even have referral codes to get you even more discounts! I've had a subscription service and I really enjoyed seeing what was in it every month, so I might just have to try out one of these services!

Would you ever sign up for a monthly clothing subscription?

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