And The 70's Are Back

Well hello there!

At this point in time I'm sure you've noticed the major 70's comeback that's happening right about now. If I didn't know the year was 2015 I swear I would think it was 1974. Now I'm not hear to condone this comeback because I am not someone that can pull of flares with ease, I'd prefer my skinnies. I'm just here to prove to you that it is well on it's way to becoming something none of us can escape.

Flares. Are. Everywhere.

1. Topshop  2. Forever21  3. Zara  4. H&M

Platform Heels. Are. Everywhere.

1. Topshop   2. NastyGal  3. Kurt Geiger  4. ASOS

Fringe. Is. Everywhere.

It's almost impossible to do online shopping without hitting one of these three styles. Or, just shopping in general. The good part (according to me) is that you don't have to buy any of these and can continue living life as tho they don't exist... for now. As much as I don't want to, there will probably be a point where I fall absolutely in love with 1 of the 3 because they'll be everywhere and I won't have a choice. But as I said, for now, I am staying far far far away!

Obviously there's more to than just these 3 factors, but frankly it is quite hard and time consuming to make these little collage things! Would you rather me do my pictures like this, or separately? But most importantly, I just got a package in the mail and have to attend to that (follow me on Instagram & Twitter to see what I ordered!)

What do you think of this 70's comeback? Have you already started putting some of these styles in your wardrobe?

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