Clinique's 3 Step System Review

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This post has been a loooooong time in the making. I say that because of 2 reasons. The first reason being is that ever since I watched Blair Fowler (juicystar07) on YouTube talk about her facial cleansing routine, I have wanted to try Clinique so badly. Being 13 at the time without a job, Clinique was just something to lust over. I tried product after product, brand after brand, for years and years. Nothing has ever worked on my skin to clear it of blemishes. Nothing. 

For the second reason I chose to wait to review this was to see if it honestly worked. I'm someone who tends to jump the gun and if a product doesn't work within a week, I think it will never work and try something else. Purchasing the Clinique 3 Step System isn't just pocket change (at least not for me), it's a real investment. I purchased all 3 steps of it back in the beginning of January thanks to my friend Ana. It's now the middle of March, and without further ado, this is my Clinique 3 Step System Review.

I mentioned that I've wanted this Clinique system for about 8 years now. I also mentioned that during these 8 years, I have tried products and brands galore. In that time I learned what works with my skin, what irritates it, what type of skin I have, and most importantly the signs of something really wrong. One of the main suggestions from dermatologists (which, reminder, I am not) for acne is a little thing called Salicylic Acid. The point of this ingredient, which comes in various forms including spot treatments and facial cleansers, is to get rid of acne. I've learned over the years that whether or not the salicylic acid is natural or produced, it makes my face breakout. So, the one thing I knew I needed to avoid was that, along with benzoyl peroxide because my skin is very sensitive. And so the search began.

The first step in the system is the cleanser. Clinique offers many different cleansers, including bars, oils and balms. I picked this cleanser up first because I like the idea of pumps. It seems a little more hygienic to me because it already comes safely stored (minus the fact that I dropped my bottle in the shower and the cap fell off and now have to make sure it's in the correct spot every time I use it). I chose the Extra-Mild formula because it doesn't contain any of the ingredients I can't use and my skin is quite sensitive. For the review aspect of this, I think it's an important first step. I like that this soap doesn't dry my skin out and it feels hydrating, There's nothing I don't like about the formula and the way it works. The 2 things that I would like to happen to this product to enhance it more would be for it to foam (I don't know why, I just like things that foam... but maybe that's why it works so well), and for there to be a recommended amount usage. If you do one full pump there's too much product and it wastes it. If you do just a tiny bit it feels as though the product is just seeping into your skin. I try to do about half a pump or a very tiny bit more, but it took some time to figure it all out.

 The second step of the system is the toner. Choosing the right toner for yourself is very difficult especially because it's a really personal step. Clinique offers a different cleanser for every skin type and problem area which is why I think this is the step where you might need some help from a skincare associate. I looked at all of the numbered toners (I say numbered because the other toners have specific names, whereas these ones go by their numbers) and delved into their ingredients. I noticed that #2 was the only one that didn't contain either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This was my obvious choice. I absolutely love this step. I use a cotton pad and do a quick flip of the bottle twice with the pad on top and then wipe the pad over my face. This is the step where I can really feel the system working (although cleansing first is important so that this step can really do it's job... at least that's what I like to tell myself). I feel like this bottle can last me forever because you use so little, but the same goes with all 3 products because I have yet to go out and repurchase and probably won't have to until mid April. There is absolutely nothing I would change about this product, I love it so much.

The third and final step (for me) is the moisturizer. I've always used a moisturizer on my skin even tho my skin can be quite oily. I do have dry patches and I can't stand when my skin feels tight. I debated about not buying a Clinique moisturizer because I really liked the one I was using. I obviously did buy it but simply for the fact that I wanted to use the full system. There are 2 different moisturizers offered for the system, one of them being a gel and the other being this lotion. As I've never used a gel I didn't want to test my fate with it on my first go so I chose the lotion. I was going to get the Moisture Surge after hearing Zoella talk about it so much, but like I said, I really wanted the full system. I was a little worried that the moisturizer wouldn't really last that long and it wouldn't really work. However, I can tell you that using one pump of this product really does the trick and it keeps my face moisturized throughout the entire day, even in the harsh winter! The only thing I would change is the product design and extend the spout for the moisturizer to come out a little bit easier.

Overall, this system has been the only thing to ever work for me. I've been dealing with acne for at the very least 9 years. I have never gotten to a point since my first experience with acne where I have a clear face. Right now, the only problem I have is a bit of scarring and some hyper-pigmentation in my cheeks. Other than that, my face is acne free, and super soft. Now I'm not here to say that my face will be clear forever and I'll never have other blemishes, because I'm sure I will get the occasional one. But for the first time in a really long time, I actually feel comfortable leaving my house without makeup on, and I feel more confident, which is super apparent in my amount of selfies. And that's the best feeling.

I would just like to point out as a disclaimer that this system may not work for everyone. I have spent a really long time figuring out my skin and what works best with it. I know what products and brands I shouldn't use from years of experience of trial and error. I am not saying that going out and spending your hard earned money on a fairly expensive skincare brand is going to make it magically work. I am sure that there are people who have used Clinique and found it didn't work for them. That's why I will always always always recommend getting to know your skin and your body. This is the most important step to any skincare regimen. I'm not saying take 9 years to figure it out, but spend a year fully dedicated to it. It took me 3 months of using this system to see a complete 180 in my skin. Let the products take their course (usually about a month), and if they aren't working, switch something out. If your skin gets worse, put it back in and take something else out. Notice how your skin reacts to certain things and what it really needs the most. Doing that will guarantee your best skin ever. I know it has for me!

Have you ever used Clinique? What are your thoughts on it?

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