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I knew today that I wanted to talk about fashion but I think I'm all wanted out with my all black, graphic tee, ways... for now. So I was scrolling through Bloglovin' looking for a little inspo and then something really hit me. All of these blog posts mention the new style we should be wearing, and what style is out, and celebrity style this and street style that... but what really is style?

Fashion is related to style however it's not all that style is. Fashion is clothing. Style is much more. Style is personable and indifferent and inspiring and interchangeable and defining. It's a trait that is tend to be thought of as something we either have or don't have. I think everyone has style, maybe some have more fashionable style than others, but everyone has it. For example, my mother wears a lot of sweatpants and sweatshirts, so I think of her style as comfy. It might not be what you see on runways, but it's hers. It's what she feels comfortable in.

Now when I think of my own style, I know what I would like it to be, but I don't necessarily believe I have a designated one. There are some days where I like to dress in all black, wear darker makeup, and if my clothes have holes in them it's even better. On the opposing side I have days where I want to curl my hair, wear heels, and look like a princess. In between those days I tend to wear super casual jeans, a basic tee and probably have my hair in a pony tail. There's no real one classification for all of those, other than I'm simply just Being MacKenzie (here's that 'aha' moment where my blog name finally kicks in). 

Defining your style doesn't have to be some huge clarification and rule to what you wear. I think style is completely your own and as long as you own that you don't need to be worried about being a specific one. If you want to change it, by all means, go for it. There is no rule saying you must stick to one style your entire life and there's no rule that says you must follow the style of others. Do you, and do it in the youest way possible!

And to go with this, there's a post I read on Man Repeller about what saying, or having someone say "that's so me/you" actually says about your style. If you want to read it, here is where you'll find it (and you can weigh in on it... my comment is there too... and let them know I sent you). 

What does style mean to you?
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