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I'm reverting back into my Grade 8 days with the ridiculous amount of love I have for graphic shirts. I'm not talking about tees with nice prints all over them that you can wear all fancily dressed up. I'm talking about those tees that you read and laugh because they're funny, or just look super casual and cool. Now you're probably thinking I'm crazy for loving graphic tees again but in all honesty I think they add an edge to an otherwise casual outfit. Yeah sure, you can wear a plain tee with some little detailing on it with a pair of jeans and some sneakers and look super casual. But if you add a graphic tee into the mix it automatically makes your outfit 10x cooler... and who doesn't want that? To prove my point, here are some of my favourites!

These tees you can throw under a biker jacket, with a pair of highwaisted jeans or even some ripped skinnies, and put some hightops or classic white sneakers and you have yourself a casually edgy outfit. You can even wear these shirts tucked into skater skirts with a pair of ankle strap heels and take them from casual to classy in an instant. There's so many ways to wear these pretty simple graphic shirts that it's almost impossible to make them not look good. And since everyone is on the minimalistic trend still, you'll stand out (in a good way) among the sea of plainness.

My tip for finding good graphic tees is a nice solid font, if you're going for the word ones (like I'm obviously into). The skinny handwritten ones are good too. I like the ones without too much going on which means less wording, basic, or small pictures. You can also wear branded tees, like Adidas, but be very careful that if you're buying it from somewhere other than the brand itself that it doesn't look fake. Also, don't be afraid to shop in the men's department because they always have fun ones over there! Graphic tees might not be the most high fashion choice, but they're fun to wear and great statement pieces that you can find anywhere! I've found really good ones on Instagram and Tumblr!

What do you think of graphic tees? Would you incorporate them back into your wardrobe?
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