My Birthday Wishlist

Well hello there!

birthday wishlist

There's about 3ish weeks until my birthday and I'm the kind of person who will never tell someone what I want as a gift. I don't need anything and I really dislike receiving gifts so I'd rather everyone keep their money. On the other hand, I like to buy myself "gifts" around my birthday as it's something I work toward. This year I have a concert that I'm attending with my best friend a few days afterward, and the next day we're going to have a girls day out that I've saved (and am still saving) for. Essentially this is a list of things that I hope/plan to purchase for myself (READ: If you think about buying me any of these things I will be thoroughly upset with you) during or around our girls day out!

Ruby Woo Lipstick MAC

Large White Tiger Watch Kenzo

Peony Makeup Bag Ted Baker

Bikini Top

Seersucker Bikini Bottom

LUSH Bath Bomb
A little haul at LUSH (this is the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb)

Open Back Jumpsuit
A jumpsuit like this Out From Under Open-Back Jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans like these SkarGorn Home Jean - So Busted from Urban Outfitters

Glitter Oxfords
Cute shoes like the Dantya by Steve Madden

Basically I just want a wardrobe overhaul that gives me clothes that fit, and that I can make some good outfits out of. And some little beauty items that I've been lusting over! If you really want to see what I'm loving, download the Wantfeed app (for iPhones only, but there's also a website too) and follow me! (username is mbaynham for those on mobile!)

But to be completely honest, if there are people who know me in real life that feel as though they absolutely have to get me a gift (you don't have to, I would rather you didn't) donating to charity is your only option. There are people who need gifts more than I do and it would be a much better use for your money. Some charities you could donate to are the Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton, Sick Kids, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Just a reminder that this is only if you are planning on getting me a gift, or if you just feel like donating.  

When's your birthday? What's on your wishlist?
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