Sucker For Succulents

Well hello there!

Succulents are taking over the world. Not really, but pretty much. They've become quite the popular decor within the last little bit. I'm guessing it's because they give life to any space without requiring much effort like other plants. But it's also because they come in so many different shapes and colours that no one really ever has the same one.

While out shopping today I came over with this immediate feeling of needing a succulent. Not when the garden centres open, not tomorrow. Right now. Right this instant. But I couldn't find one good enough for my liking so I've resorted to scouring Pinterest to fix my need. And also to inspire my love for terrariums once I find some good ones. So, I'm here to share with you my favourites! (A little disclaimer here: I've sourced each picture to the best of my ability as none of them are mine)

How do you feel about succulents? Would you ever want a terrarium?
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