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2015 Swimsuit Trends

As it's nearing April, it's about that time for bathing suits to be showcased in stores. The earlier you buy a bikini, the better picks you get and the earlier you can go tanning, obviously! I thought I'd get a jump start on this year's bathing suit trends, kind of like one that I wrote last year, here. Without further ado, here are 2015's swimsuit trends!

Getting Strappy: This year it's less about being practical and more about being fashionable when it comes to swimsuits. These suits are super strappy and not so good for those looking to avoid tan lines!

Black Strappy One Piece From Urban Outfitters

Strappy High Waisted Swimsuit From Victoria's Secret

High Waves: We've been introduced to the high waisted bottoms by a few celebs over the years, but now they're starting to become the 'it' bottom!

High Waisted Floral Bikini From River Island

High Waisted Colorblock Bikini From Urban Outfitters

Mesh It Up: Again with the impracticality of swimsuits, mesh is a really big one this year! Believe it or not, these pieces are more daring than a teeny tiny bikini!

Mesh Beach Bikini From Nasty Gal

Mesh Shell Bikini From Topshop

Sun Colourblock: We're used to bright colours for summer, but why not combine a bunch an strategically place them in certain sections for the ultimate swimsuit? Colourblocking is super cute yet still very fashionable!

Colorblock Cutout Onepiece From Urban Outfitters

Bright Bandeau Bikini From Victoria's Secret

What do you think of this year's swimsuit trends? Which one is your favourite or least favourite?
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