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This is a really quick and frankly boring post, but it's just a little heads up as to my accounts on social media! Since mobile users can't see my side or top bar, I wanted to be able to give them the opportunity to see my accounts! I also know how annoying it is to be given a link which opens in another app so I'm going to both link and provide my usernames! The following is a complete list of all my social media accounts!

Twitter: @mbaynham_
Instagram: @mbaynham_

Facebook: Being MacKenzie
Bloglovin': Being MacKenzie or MacKenzie Baynham

Pinterest: mbaynham
Tumblr (personal): bleachless
Tumblr (advice): beingthegood
Google Plus: MacKenzie Baynham
Vine: @mbaynham_

I'm pretty sure that's all of my accounts, or at least the ones I use currently. It would be pretty darn cool if you followed me on any one (or all) of them! Feel free to message me once you do and let me know you came from here!

What are your social media accounts?



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