A New Thing: The Being MacKenzie Book Club!

Well hello there!

Something you may not know about me is that I am an avid reader. There are some months I go without reading a single book, magazine, blog... anything that has to do with reading, I don't do too much of it. But then there are months where I'm flying through everything, searching for my next great read. I've been doing some travelling (meaning I've been sitting on trains and buses for hours) and I always feel like it's the best time to read. I normally listen to the music on my phone but that wastes my battery life so I always end up scouring places for an outlet before the panic sets in of being without a phone. Which is why I bring books with me now. And since I've been in the reading kind of mood, I thought it would be a fun idea to create a book club with you!

Essentially I stole the idea from Lauren Conrad because she normally does a book club every month and I've always thought that it's a really neat idea. Anyone in the world can join in, you can create friendships, you get to really interact with people based on a common factor (which is probably the freakiest thing about talking to someone new is not knowing if you have something in common) all while reading a possibly great book! 

So the way that this book club is going to work is pretty simple! At the beginning of each month I'm going to Tweet & Instagram the book I'll be reading (if you don't follow, my username for both are @mbaynham_ & if you don't want to follow, you can see my posts over in the sidebar). If you want to join in on the club for the month, get a copy for yourself, whether it be an audio book, online, an ebook, or the physical copy. Over the month we all read the book, whether it takes a day, 2 weeks or even the full month. At the end of the month, on the very last day, there will be a blog post up in the early morning of that day which will pose some discussion questions that will be answered in the comment section! You can feel free to add your own questions, to just write your opinion, to talk about things with other readers, whatever you want! 

I wanted to write this ahead of the first of the month just to see how many people would join, what kind of books you want to read, what's been on your reading list, and any other suggestions you might have for this little club! Put any ideas you have in the comments below so that I can read them!

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