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Well hello there!

Spring is fast approaching here in Canada... meaning that we haven't had snow in the past week so things are looking up! Now that we can put away our winter boots, we can finally break out those shoes we've all been dying to wear. I know that since last Spring the trends have changed dramatically and my shoes from last Spring have been worn to their maximum ability. Which is why I'm bringing you a masterlist, kinda like my Fall boots masterpost, of shoes that you should be wearing this Spring!

Tassel Loafers:

Faux Suede Tassel Loafer

Red leather tassel loafer

patent leather tassel loafer

Platform Sandals:

suede platform sandal

leather platform sandal

suede platform sandal

Mule Heels:

suede mules

faux leather mules

leather mules

Black Trainers:

tweed sneakers

new balance sneaker

black sneaker

Pool Sliders:

gold pool slider

pink pool slider

white pool slider

Lace Up Brogues:

sling back brogues

pink brogues

white brogues

All White Sneakers:

reebok white leather sneaker

white sneaker

white sneaker

As a disclaimer to you as a reader, I want you to know why I choose things from the same sites constantly. You can see some ads on the side of my blog which means that I am affiliated with these brands. I put ads on the sides and sometimes in my posts I link to certain products on their sites, like some of those listed here. Therefore if you buy what's linked or if you buy something that's not linked but you've clicked on an ad to get to that website, I will make a commission on your purchase. As much as I do it to make money, I also firmly believe in the products and brands I affiliate with. On another note, I often use fast fashion sites because I know that I'll be able to find what I'm looking for when I go on the website. I can go on ASOS and find every single item that I'm building a post around. I also think that in a world where we look up to high fashion but want them at lower prices, this is the best way to achieve that and it allows for you, the reader, to save some money. I do take prices into consideration when I choose the items listed because I know that when I fall in love with something on a blog and then go to the website I'm devastated when it's much higher than I wanted to pay for it. I know you didn't ask for me to explain but I just want you to understand why you'll see brands like River Island, Zara, ASOS and Forever21 on Being MacKenzie constantly.

What's your go to shoe for Spring?
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