My Week On Social Media!

Well hello there!

As someone who reads a lot of blogs, I'm always interested in seeing people's weeks whether it be through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or just pictures. It's nice to see what people have been up to, especially if you don't already follow them, and it gives you the chance to follow them. That's basically what this is, but it's also about the new app I've been introduced to that has worked it's way into my social media addiction! 

Tagstr is this app that's kind of like Instagram in the sense that you post pictures and videos, but it gives you more. Your videos aren't refined to only 15 seconds, they're high definition, and you can actually see it full screen. You can zoom in on pictures, scroll through someone's feed as if it was your camera roll, and the resolution of the pictures isn't affected at all! I mentioned that there's more to Tagstr than Instagram, and that's because you can upload audio files as well! Sharing your posts has never been easier because Tagstr lets you post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and soundcloud (and they even take suggestions from you for other accounts!). Tagstr is really about connecting with people who share your interests because everything is about the tags you use. Yes, finally your hashtagging has paid off! Right now, the app is only available for iPhone users (and Apple Watch too!) but if you don't have iOS, you can use the website too!










And a huge reminder for anyone that doesn't read to the bottom of my posts, if 2 of my accounts get to 500 followers each, I'll be doing a giveaway with 1 winner! I've given you kind of an advantage by showing you which accounts are closest, but there can be an even bigger prize! If you get all 4 of these accounts to 500 each, there will be 3 winners! It's pretty easy, and I'll be following everyone back on Tagstr too! 

What are you waiting for? Get following now!



  1. Nowadays people want to know about others so that they can pass their leisure time and for that they go after the bloggers who keep on updating about their lifestyles. they like to follow them and so do the bloggers like to blog.


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