If I Could: Revamping My Room!

Well hello there!

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Lately I've been really into everything that has to do with interior designing. I get into these things every so often but it's always something that interests me even when I'm not in one of these moods. In October I did one of my classic list posts and it was all the stuff that I would redo my room with if I had an unlimited shopping spree. I change my mind quite often and so my style has kind of changed along with that, especially since October! Basically, this is an "updated" one from my last one, except this time I actually intend to really change up my room (as it's been the same for so long). Which means I'll be Pinteresting my life away for inspo, but for now I'm just scouring the world wide web for pieces I would buy if my pockets were never-ending! 

fruit pillowcase

tassel pillows

tassel bedset

pineapple tapestry

ladder shelf

pineapple print

elephant print

white curtain

crochet candle holder

room divider

elephant sculpture

Compared to last time, this is definitely more fun, bright, open, and soft. The very first thing I found was the little fruit pillow cases and I knew immediately that's what I wanted to work off of, so I went with a pink & fruit theme! I think this style would look great in a room with lots of windows and white walls so that it would look extremely fresh and inviting. Overall, I would definitely love to have these pieces (all from Urban Outfitters by the way) if I were to do a complete overhaul of my room!

What would you like your room to look like if you had an unlimited budget to revamp it?

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