On The Hunt For: Summer Dresses!

Well hello there!

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Let's face it ladies, when we think of summer dresses, bright colours and florals flood our minds. Summer is full of those two things after all, so why wouldn't they be translated onto the clothes we wear during these months? Which is why I'm hunting today. I think florals and brights are great, don't get my wrong, but I am tired tired tired of seeing them on every single summer dress. Every dress looks the same, every girl looks the same - it all just combines into one big bright blur. My mission: find summer dresses - minus the flowers and neons. 

(Please keep in mind that I think summer dresses are not super worth investing your money in, which is why all of my choices are from "fast fashion" stores)

What do you think? Mission accomplished?
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  1. Really like some of your choices. You are right, even though the choice is great, it's not easy to find something originally looking.


  2. These dresses that you chose look so pretty! I love the lace one and the shirt dress :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! It's nice to have options besides florals!


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