Book Club Discussion: The Girl On The Train

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The Girl On The Train

If you participated in the first Being MacKenzie Book Club, this post is for you! Even if you didn't participate (basically read the book), then feel free to read it and comment when you've done so. 

For the month of May, I chose to read The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. It was on the New & Hot shelf at Chapters and I figured they know their stuff, so I picked it up. But no worries, I read the synopsis too! And here's a little fun fact for ya, the book is actually going to be made into a movie starring the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal who just so happens to be the love of my life's sister!

I'm definitely a mystery person (as you'll find out if you continue to join each month) so this book was right up my alley in that sense. But I do think this book could interest a lot of other readers as well because there are so many things about it that entice a wide range of people. This book is about a girl who travels on this train to work daily and creates this life for a couple she sees from the train window. One day she sees something that is off and involves herself into these people's lives to figure it out. 

I thought the book started off a little "slow" with the main character, Rachel. I became quickly involved with her life tho because of her situation as I had experienced being on Tom's side when I was much younger. I took an immediate liking to Rachel and really felt her pain which was extremely prevalent throughout the book. I really hated Anna and Megan, I could not for the life of me understand their characters. Obviously both were important but I couldn't side with them or their reasoning of any action that they could take. I like that the book was very close to Gone Girl, especially that both were written from multiple characters point of view. One of my favourite things an author does is create a timeline in their books because you don't realize you need to pay attention to it until you're so far in. I think that the book was really well written and really left me imagining the scenario happening within my life. In regards to the ending, I was left guessing right up until the time came which is extremely hard to come by when it comes to a mystery. I honestly don't think there's anything I would change about the book!

If you read the book, or plan on reading it, in the comments below leave what you thought about the book, questions you may have, replies to what I thought or something you just really want to discuss! I'm sure as time goes on I'll create a better way to discuss the books, but hopefully this is okay for right now! 

I started this book a couple days earlier than I should have, which backfired on me biiiiiiig time. I finished the book so fast because it was so good, that I was done before the month even started! Typically that happens when I read a book, especially if it's as amazing as I thought this one to be. This has definitely taught me for this next month's book club as I'll be featuring 2 books for the month because I know I'll fly right through them!

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