A New Camera

Well hello there!

I've been running this blog for over a year and I've always used my iPhone for pictures. I knew that getting a real camera was important, not just for you guys but also for making my iPhone last. I had never been really sure when the appropriate time would be to purchase a camera as it's not just a pocket-change kind of thing. I've noticed that my blog views have been growing so I made the decision to better them in hopes to grow them more by purchasing a camera.

As someone who has always been interested in cameras and photography I knew what kind of camera I needed. They have these new kinds out that are a cross between DSLR and a point-and-shoot... for non-camera speakers, one of those massive ones and the small ones. These cameras are called compact or mirrorless, and they allow you to change the lenses without being so massive that you can't lift it. I ended up buying the Sony A5000 which has the "selfie" screen (it moves up so you can basically take selfies or vlog) and it comes with a 16mm-50mm lens.

If you're interested in this camera, I hope this blog post convinces you to buy it!


baby geese



baby geese

marbled sand


baby geese


I've had tons of cameras, but this is definitely my favourite! I can't wait to start shooting some blog pictures! Also the video quality is amazing and I'll be putting a vlog out on Monday so watch for that!

What camera do you use?
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  1. Great pictures ! The quality is amazing

    1. Thanks! Definitely wasn't expecting that kind of quality from the camera!


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