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As a blogger without a large following, whether it be on social media or even on here, I'm always looking for tips to create one. Millions of bloggers use social media, particularly Instagram, to get their blog posts out to the world. Create an interesting image + hashtag and tag your pictures + obtain likes and followers = getting hits on your blog - that's essentially the formula to Instagram blogging. 

Instagram is this huge platform that's so easy because it don't involve much thought to use. Captions are optional but can be informational. Hashtags are a driving force to send your picture into the hands of millions. Celebrities are at the touch of your finger tips. And all it takes is a phone with a camera, some kind of interesting subject, and possibly a filter.


I use Instagram to not only showcase what's on my blog, but also to share my life in pictures. And as I've said, I've been searching for tips to grow my following. Most of these tips revolve around creating a "theme" or staging photos... things that I am not interested in. Now you'd think I would be because I'm looking to grow my following. You'd probably think I'd be deleting all of my posts or uploading a bunch of new pictures to create a theme, maybe even going out and buying props. That's definitely not the case, and let me tell you why.

Being Real
My blog's name is Being MacKenzie for a reason. I am simply being me... whomever that may be. I am not here to fool anyone that I live in a constant world of glitz and glamour where I get to dress up all the time or wear fabulous makeup. For 40 hours a week I work in a factory so that I can make money to buy the things I wear and so that I can afford to live. I don't get dressed up in nice clothes or wear makeup or do my hair... 90% of my wardrobe is holey t-shirts from Forever21. If I am super exhausted at 5:30am with no makeup on and feel like taking a selfie in dim lighting, than that's what I'm going to do. Because that is what is happening.


Being Unique
Staging photos is great and buying props for these photos is dedication. But that is not something I think makes pictures unique. Day after day, post after post, I see constant bright pictures with some kind of flower that's blurred out on a white table. Don't get me wrong, these pictures are appealing... but I can't tell one Instagram user from another if I was just looking at their pictures. Sometimes, it honestly feels like I've looked at the same picture 20 times while scrolling down my newsfeed. The users that stand out to my the most are the ones that I don't even have to look at the person posting to know whose picture it is. And that's what I really think needs to be liked.


Being Lively
It's great that your account is for fashion or for makeup or for whatever it's about. But when I follow someone on Instagram it's because I want to see who they are as a person and what they're doing. Went out for dinner and your plate looked amazing? Cool, Instagram it. Went on a hike and the view was spectacular? Awesome, Instagram it. Wore an outfit that you looked killer in? Wonderful, Instagram it. Just because you're meant to be dedicated to a topic or a theme doesn't mean that you can't post something that you want to. I can't tell you how many people I follow that have 3 or 4 different accounts all based on a different aspect of their lives. If someone follows you it's because they want to see you doing things and living, trust me.


Being Promotional
Instagram is a huge platform as I've said and it is fantastic to promote things on. I love when people promote their Twitter or blog because it might not be something I knew about and now I know. If you want to work with a company and their stipulation is to post something on Instagram, are you going to miss out on that because it doesn't fit your theme? No. At first I never once posted about my blog on social media because I didn't want my friends to be bothered by it. But I realized that to get the word out I needed to promote myself and my blog... and if that bothers them than they are welcome to unfollow me. At the end of the day, if they're supportive of you they won't unfollow you, they'll even start sharing your posts too! Promote yourself, promote companies, promote whatever you want to promote and stop being scared.


Being Filterless
This one sounds like you should stop using filters but I promise you that I, the filter queen, am not telling you to do so. I use different filters all the time... black and white, ones that make me look pale, ones that make me look tan, ones that make everything bright, ones that make things dark. Every filter in the book, I've used it at least twice. You don't need to use the same filter every single time to create the same look in every photo. Yes I make a white border for each of my photos because frankly I am too darn lazy to make sure every picture is a square that gets everything I want in the frame. Don't be worried about creating the same look for every single photo to get that "appealing" Instagram look... I swear it's not worth the hassle. If your pictures are interesting enough, people will follow you!


Basically all I'm trying to say is just be you with your Instagram. Having a theme can be great for some, but if you really don't want to, you don't have to. It's not crucial to have the same look through every Insta. It won't hurt you if you don't. And at the same time, if you do have one and you enjoy it, then keep doing it. Be the youest you can be and followers will come.

What's your Instagram tip?

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