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If you haven't heard of Tagstr, where have you been? Obviously not following me on any social media since I post about it constantly! I actually wrote about what Tagstr is in this post here so today I'm going to teach you how to use it with a few quick tips and tricks. Now you might be thinking "why do I need to learn how to use an app?' Technically you don't but I know that I'm the kind of person who downloads something and when I can't figure it out I delete it without giving it a chance. Tagstr is something that is really gonna blow up, so giving it a chance and learning now will really help you once you do!

Not Just An App, But A Website Too

The app is only available to iPhone users (and Apple Watch too!) but there's no worry if you don't have one! You have all the same features and can do all the same things but from your computer instead!

15 Second Videos No More!

With Tagstr you can upload pictures of course, FULL LENGTH VIDEOS, and even just some audio! Have you ever wanted to upload a couple of pictures at once but can't with Instagram? You can do that on Tagstr which makes life so much easier! I love uploading my concert videos to Tagstr because the worst thing is having to choose just 15 seconds of an amazing song for Instagram. The super cool thing is that this app takes YouTube, Instagram and SouncCloud and rolls them all into one... but makes them better!

Screenshot & Zooming Is A Thing Of The Past

We've all done it, screenshot an Instagram because we want to see something closer... except it most likely comes in blurry. With Tagstr you can see the full resolution of the picture by tapping on it (yes, this means you don't have to use a white border around it even tho I still do) and you can zoom. Trust me when I say this is vital for creeping... and don't be giving me those side eyes because we all do it!

Forget Remembering Your Tags

The whole point of Tagstr is tagging which I'm going to guess why they've made the whole hash tagging process so much easier. As a blogger in order to reach out to people you have to hashtag a million different things and it's so hard always trying to remember every single one of them. But when you're uploading there's a little tag button where you put your hashtags in, and if you click that you'll reach this screen! Here you can choose from your most recent tags as well as putting it into a category which helps other users to find your picture and for you to find theirs...

Explore Everything

In the explore screen! This is really handy if you're looking around for people to follow or just to look at some pictures. You can choose an interest to see what people are posting in that category. You can see what tags are trending on the app. You can look through the most popular posts while you're at it. You can even find out who's posting near you which makes it a really interesting way to meet people! 




In all honesty, Tagstr is really easy to use once you begin understanding what everything means and what the app can really allow you to do. I love using Tagstr because it feels to me that everything is one place and as a social media guru without a lot of phone storage, it's so nice to have that. There's so much to talk about with Tagstr that it's impossible to fit it all one in post... so go download it or sign up and follow me with the username @mbaynham_ ! I follow everyone back and if you need any help getting started, leave me a comment under the picture mentioning this post and I'll be able to do so!

What is your favourite thing about Tagstr?

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