How To Create A Blogging Schedule!

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Now you might be thinking, "why would MacKenzie of all people be writing tips on creating a blogging schedule when she has the weirdest posting times/days?" And you are completely right for thinking that, but I'm changing things up around here! Since most bloggers and blog readers are out of school during the summer months (if they go), it makes more sense to be posting more often. When I have the days planned out as to what I'm going to post, when I'm going to post it and even back ups, it's going to be much more motivating for me to get things done! Like you know, going to the gym, getting my life sorted out...

Anywho! I wanted to show you how I went about creating a blogging schedule for the month of June. It's a fairly simple process but there are things you have to think about, including your best times to post, what topics you want to write about, and what's going to motivate you to stay on track. I don't have a planner (but I do intend to get one because it would make this so much easier) so I just used a normal notebook!

1. Use bright pens/markers!
These make it a nicer thing to look at and even make because you can colour code everything and doodle a little bit to jog the creativity we all know you have!

2. Decide how many posts you want for the month!
Sounds kinda strange, but you might want a bunch and post every day or every other day (that's what I'm doing). Or maybe you want a little and post only on weekends. Whatever the case may be, decide how many you want!

3. Figure out what topics you want to write about!
Maybe you're strictly fashion, or beauty, or music... or maybe you're just a bunch of things! And that's perfect fine! I know what I would like my blog to be about, so I broke it down into 4 categories, with another one for "backups" or "extras".

3.5. If you chose multiple topics, decide how many of each!
You might decide you want more of one thing than another, or focus on something specific this month. Regardless, dividing up the posts like this will help you from feeling "stuck" when writing!

4. Choose your post ideas!
This is where all that brain power and creativity comes in. It probably seems ridiculous to plan these out because you might just be a spur of the moment blogger. I find it best for myself to do this so that I don't get writer's block and it creates a spark in my brain. You don't necessarily have to choose the exact post, just a generic topic will do!

5. Create some backups!
I'm going to be working all week long so the only time I really have to write my posts is on the weekends. There might be a chance that what I want to post that week necessarily isn't what I want to write about the weekend before, so I chose some back up ideas. These are just random topics that if not written about this month can be carried onto the next month.

6. Save the dates!
No, you're not getting married! Choosing the exact days you want to post on keeps you motivated to write. Pick up a calendar and decide the best days to publish your posts, and even schedule around your already made plans!

7. Add some doodles in!
Probably the least important step on this list but it really helps to gather a 'theme'. For example, I added a bikini and a little umbrella to remind myself that I want to focus on summer for the month of June!

8. Put in some extras!
My goal for this schedule was to create a routine of posting, not only for me but for my readers as well. It's much easier to tell people through social media that there's a certain time you'll be posting at that day so they can look out for your post. It also gives you the best chance to promote your posting by allowing you to decide exactly when you want it out. I know that for me I don't really get the time to sit down during the week until the evening and on the weekends the best time is mid afternoon. So I jotted that in to remind myself to have the post finalized, and social media promotion ready to go! Another option is to even plan out when you'll be taking pictures!

At this point your schedule should be done and organized into a pretty good listing of sorts. You can even do this on a calendar to make it easier to look at. You have complete freedom over this schedule so make it as you as possible!

What are your tips for creating a blogging schedule?
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