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I've had this blog for over a year now and within the past 6 months have really taken to making it a workspace. We see all of these bloggers whose job it is to promote companies, collaborate on product lines and become huge influencers. We see their tremendous following and sometimes even the salaries they make. And I know that these lives they lead, these numbers... they're beyond intimidating, at least to me anyway. Which is why I kind of want to write this to express my feelings on blogging and to give my readers an understanding as to why I do it.

When I first started this blog it was called Keeping Up With Kenzie B mainly because I really love the Kardashians and my mind wasn't thinking about how long of a title that is. My reason for starting was simply just to put all of my ideas and thoughts and creativity out into the world. I had tried YouTube but I wasn't comfortable with it and was beyond embarrassed about anyone seeing it. So I decided to take some of the writing skills I learned during my first year of university, put some personality to them and write.


I wanted this blog to be everything about fashion because that's what my heart had originally wanted to do when going to school for Journalism. But I soon found that fashion is influenced by a million things, so why not explore everything around it? And better yet, be myself while doing it. So Being MacKenzie came about. There's no specific category in which I fit or my blog fits and I would much rather it be that way then trying to confine myself into boundaries I need to be outside of. Essentially, I've created an expandable box that grows to fit the boundaries I push for myself. All while being true to myself.

Fashion still lies at the heart of Being MacKenzie because that's what I really like investing my time in. But you may be asking yourself, why do you invest your time in something a million other people have covered? Or, why would you even try getting your toe into the fashion world when the space is so limited? Well my friends, these questions are silly and focused on the numbers.


Blogging has become a lot to do with numbers. And I'm not going to shame everyone else without including myself in the category for people who care about them. It's about followers, and page views, and likes, and dollars. We promote our social media so that we can appear to be better bloggers and super relatable to companies that want to work with us. We plaster our blog links everywhere to get more page views to impress brands. We hashtag the living crap out of our pictures because the more likes makes us more valuable and more noticed. We do all of these things to try and make a dollar.

I'm not going to lie to you, I check my analytics a couple times a day. I constantly reload Twitter and Instagram to see how many followers I have that day or how many likes I get. Hell, I even check my Twitter analytics every day to see how many people my tweets are reaching. It's quite sick actually how much of my day is spent involving numbers. But I recently heard something that made me stop and think. "It's not about how many followers you have, it's about having a connection with each one of them."


This little quote (or pretty close to it) came from Margaret from Shine By Three on the first season of Fashion Bloggers. And it really hit me that I honestly don't have much of a connection with the people here on Being MacKenzie. I put these posts out like crazy onto every social media platform but I don't connect with anyone reading them. To bring the number factor in, 93% of my readers are new and only 7% are returning. It might sound great to be reaching new audiences all of the time, but in reality that means that people aren't coming back.

I don't have a loyal readership beyond my family and friends. And that's where I'm really missing out. I didn't start blogging to create a job or career for myself. I didn't start blogging to make a one-time impression on people who will forget as soon as the next blogger comes along with an interesting article. I want each and every one of my posts to make an impression on my readers to make them keep coming back, to have them comment, to have them start a conversation with me, to engage. And honestly, I think that's what every blogger should really want.


From here on out my goal is to create a Being MacKenzie community. I want discussions and questions to be written in the comments. I want you to feel as though there is something in each of my posts that makes you wait for the next one. I want everyone in this community to be themselves and feel safe by doing so. I want everyone to better themselves and everyone else with advice and (kind) criticism. So what I am asking of you are these 5 things:

1. If you 100% agree or disagree with me, let me know.
2. If you have something to add to what I am saying, add it.
3. If you want to know more, ask.
4. If you think I can do better, tell me what I should do.
5. If you ever feel that I am not being true to who I am, remind me.


But these 5 things aren't just toward me, it is about all those in this community. If any of those things apply to someone here, do the required action with kindness. This is a completely open space that sometimes has directed topics and sometimes is as free as a bird. Write what you feel and write what you want. Because at the end of the day I don't want to just write to you, I want to write for and with you. I want to write because you want me to and because you enjoy it. It doesn't matter if there are 5, 100, or 1 million of you, so long as you feel that I am here with you and that you can trust me.

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