OOTD: Heidi at the Pool

Well hello there!




Dress: Forever21

Welcome to super awkward posing at someone else's house with someone besides your mom taking pictures with MacKenzie! I got ready today with the intention of taking pictures for a post but never really considered how weird it would be directing someone new for taking them. I also didn't consider how odd it can be taking pictures at someone else's house when they may read them on here... so hey Sue if you're reading this!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my aunt's house hanging out with my family playing Risk as one would do for a few hours. I called this look Heidi at the pool because I did my hair similar to Heidi from the Sound of Music... and because I couldn't figure out a clever title. I filmed both a hair and makeup tutorial for this look which I'm hoping to have edited this week and will be going up on my YouTube in the next 2 weeks. I just thought it'd be easier if the tutorials were down thru video rather than pictures!

What did you do this weekend?
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