The Downside Of Purple Hair

Well hello there!

purple hair

I loooooooooooove my hair purple, absolutely love it. I think it fits the person I've always wanted to express myself as and allows me to feel more confident. It's always a statement piece and it gives you the ability to grow your roots out. It stays in for soon long and keeps its vibrancy. There are so many great things about purple hair but there are also some not so fun things about it too. These are the downsides of having purple hair that I've found in 3 weeks.

You Dye Everything...
First thing's first, if you dye your hair purple do not do it near anything white/light/remotely possible of dying. I have managed to dye the bathroom sink, the shower, towels, clothes, pillowcases, hands, fingernails.... anything and everything that my hair could touch, it's purple. Painting my nails a light colour is beyond unrealistic if I plan on touching my hair. I have to wash my hair in the kitchen sink because I'm no longer allowed to wash it in the shower... sorry mom!

purple hair

The Opinions
Yes I'm sure you know that any time you dye your hair, whether it be purple or blonde, you get told everyone's opinions. People will either love it or hate it, some grow to love it and most beg you to tell them when it's going to wash out. You get questions like "why would you do that" quite often but the always appropriate answer is "because I didn't think to myself 'how can I make you happy' before I did it." Trust me, it's okay to be rude when people are being as equally rude to you.

The Stares
Opinions come from people you know, (the nicer ones typically come from people who are super curious about it), but stares come from everrrrrrryone. You get used to them and eventually make jokes about how many you'll get before walking into a place, but those first few days can be damaging. Kids will do a double take and point you out to their parents, parents will normally tell their kids never to do it to their hair, and the grandparents.... well they're a whole other ballgame. I like to think at these times is when my confidence really starts to build itself up.

purple hair

A Whole New Wardrobe
With purple hair comes a lot of outfit removal from your wardrobe. At first you start to think to yourself "I need to go shopping to find things that will match my hair/ make it the only statement." But it's not the truth at all because it's all about what you feel comfortable wearing and what you really want to wear. This downside kind of works itself out and leaves because you realize that rocking purple hair and green pants is totally your new thing. 

Subdued Makeup
I haven't gotten over this like I have with the outfit choices but toning down your makeup is a huge side affect of purple hair. As a newly found lipstick addict I've noticed that my reds and my plums are very hard to pair nicely with the purple. Over these 3 weeks I've stuck to super minimal makeup with no bright lipstick colours at all. I'm sure this will just be another hurdle I'll get over with ease, but right now I consider this my biggest downside... even if it makes me shallow. 

purple hair

Swimming Is Off The List
Summer is here officially and that means hot weather and pools... for everyone besides you. You'll leave the pool purple, your skin purple, your clothes purple and you'll never want to swim again. This also applies to rain which means you must keep an umbrella or hoodie with you at all times. Wearing a white shirt in the rain will not only mean seeing your bra, it'll mean white becomes purple. And that is not fun.

As I said at the beginning, I love my hair. And honestly, the upsides of it outweigh the downsides. It's fine that people don't like it and it's great the people do. At the end of the day it's my hair and I'm going to do what I please with it. I can't wait to have this fade out and put the blue dye I bought in!

Would you dye your hair purple?
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  1. Purple hair and green pants that sounds cool! Have you tried it?
    And I like how your so confident even with all those opinions and wash your hair in the kitchen. I'm definitely gonna try that sounds fun.
    Its a great post!!

    1. I sure did! Thank you very much! It means a lot! :)


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