Summer Skin Safety!

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summer skin safety

I know I know, you're probably extremely tired of hearing "wear your sunscreen" every summer... but there's a reason people keep telling you to do it. Skin cancer is a real thing, and it doesn't just happen to people around you - it can happen to you too. As someone who is quite pale, I've always been cautious about the sun. While my friends and some of my family were applying tanning oil or just running into the water, I was (and still am) always applying my sunscreen. I've never used anything below an SPF50 because even with that on I still burn extremely easily. But that doesn't mean that I can't go out and enjoy the summer, it just means that I have to take more steps to ensuring that I am protected.

sun safety

Being someone that does their best to avoid burns and skin cancer, I'm going to give you some products and tips to help keep your skin safe this summer. No, I'm not advising you to stay inside all summer long, or wear long sleeves and pants. These are just some easy ways to make sure you don't leave the house without SPF and some basic protection.


An oil free sunscreen, like this one here from Fruit Of The Earth won't clog your pores or leave you with that "sunscreen" smell. I wouldn't suggest doing anything lower than a 40 SPF especially if you're intention is to lay out, swim, or do any activity that you'll be outside all day long for. You can use a lower SPF if you're just running errands or something where you aren't outside 24/7.

neutrogena sunscreen
Now I know that applying sunscreen to your face is one of the most hated things to do because it can cause a lot of breakouts. This one from Neutrogena will keep your face clear because it's oil free, and has some medicinal ingredients to keep the breakouts at bay. For your face, always choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF because you typically use more "chemicals" on your face than your body. It's also good because your face is more open to the sun because it's rarely fully covered.

maybelline bb foundation
Foundation with SPF in it isn't as rare as it once used to be. Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB has an SPF of 30 which gives you added protection on top of your sunscreen. No, this doesn't mean you can skip the sunscreen altogether. Use both to make sure that your face is as protected as possible. You can also use your normal foundation and mix it in with your sunscreen to create a lighter foundation with protection.


baseball cap
Break out your favourite sunnies and throw on a hat to keep your eyes and scalp from being burnt! One of the easiest places to get burnt is your scalp because you can't really put sunscreen on. Wearing a hat, whether it be a cute baseball cap like mine from J. Crew, a floppy hat, a fedora or even a straw hat, is essential to not just keep your scalp healthy but your hair as well. If you don't have a healthy scalp than how can healthy hair grow? Sunglasses are a good way to protect your eyes from the sun, and they're super cute and can create an outfit. No harm done when wearing these accessories in the sun!

What are your favourite ways to ensure your skin stays safe in the summer?
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