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Some might say that I like labels too much and yeah I kinda do, but I have my reasons, I promise! Typically these designers become such big names because they create a staple item with their own flare. The materials they use make them very sustainable and investment worthy pieces. Yes okay there are some times when you see a cotton tee being sold for a ridiculous price but their brand allows them to do so. These people work really hard to get their work noticed and loved. In a world where fast fashion typically overrules, I'm still lusting over these designers.

Saint Laurent:
saint laurent boots

saint laurent bag

kenzo tiger sweater

classic burberry trench

Charlotte Olympia:

charlotte olympia kitty flats

This might only be a small collection of items and designers but there are so many more. I decided to stop before I dove too deep into my favourite designer sites ( & ) and figured I could buy (or afford, whichever you prefer) everything.

Who are your favourite designers?
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  1. Love this post! xo


  2. I love the saint laurent shoes and the cat shoes! The shoes are so cute though.
    Shops like primark/penneys and other high streets stores are always trying to mimic those brands, so there is a certain element of choice for those who are more frugal with their money.

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    1. Yes I definitely agree! Fast fashion is great for a bargain but I for classic and well constructed pieces I would much rather give my money to the original designers.


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