5 Reasons Tagstr Is Better Than Instagram

Well hello there!


You've probably decided to read this because WHAT ON EARTH COULD BE BETTER THAN INSTAGRAM?!?!?!?!??!?!?! My friends, there is something so revolutionary, so fantastic, and so much better than Instagram that you'll be downloading (for iPhones) and signing up (on the website otherwise) before you even reach the end of this post. Don't believe me? Just wait!

Reason 1: YouTube, Soundcloud and pictures all in one app


Yep you've read correctly. You can upload all 3 things in one app. You could potentially watch your favourite YouTubers, listen to your favourite undiscovered artists and browse thru all of your favourite celebrities pictures. In ONE app! Less space used = more space for selfies!

Reason 2: You can actually click links in captions


Okay, maybe this isn't on your list of things you wish you could do on Instagram but just hear me out. Your favourite artist posts a link to their presale concert tickets but doesn't post it in their bio. You go from Safari to Instagram constantly just to make sure you type in the correct link. By time you do that you're too late and all of the tickets are sold out. Anger, sadness and extremely jealousy fills your soul up when you see all of those concert pictures. But with Tagstr you don't ever have to worry about that or "link in bio" ever again!

Reason 3: You can zoom in


We all do the screenshot to zoom in to see just big blocks of colours when we're really trying to see this huge massive clue. Wouldn't life just be easier if we could zoom in to high def pictures?!?!?! Well it is easier on Tagstr... because trust me, trying to zoom in on a possible engagement ring is really really REALLY hard to do when you can't tell if that's what it is.

Reason 4: You don't have to see/write #fblogger #fashionblogger #bblogger everywhere


As a blogger the most important things on social media are hashtags. They get you noticed and found by people who wouldn't otherwise see your pictures. But it's so annoying having to put them in your caption because of Instagram's limit of 30 in a comment policy and it's just not very nice looking. Tagstr makes it so polished to hashtag and they even allow other people to tag each other's pictures.

Reason 5: You can upload straight from your computer


Bloggers this is a really big thing for us! Taking quality pictures with your camera, putting them into your computer, either AirSharing or e-mailing them to ourselves, filtering, possibly adding a border, and then uploading takes sooooooooo long. Instagram juuuuuust made their website really user friendly, but Tagstr was already on top of and taking it one step further by allowing you to even upload. Beyond convenient!

Want more reasons to sign up? Check out this blog post to learn how to really use Tagstr to your best advantage. I really suggest signing up for a week and giving it a go. Being completely honest here, I didn't think it was much more than another Instagram but actually spending time on it and playing around with things made me really fall in love with it. And now, I spend more time checking Tagstr than I do Instagram, and that says a lot for this selfie obsessed person right here! Don't forget to follow me @mbaynham_ !

Have you tried Tagstr? If so, what do you love about it? If not, why not?
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  1. I am a tagstr ambassador also but I am really bad at going on Tagstr everyday as it isn't as well known as instagram. I do wish you could click on links on instagram and upload from the computer. Really good points made in this post.

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    1. I found it difficult at first to use it but once I spent a lot of time really exploring the app I found myself checking it more often. Plus I really like the idea that it's not flooded with like people you need to follow and robot accounts... those things make Instagram less fun for me. I do think tho that both apps really are helpful in self promotion!


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