BM Book Club Discussion: "All The Bright Places"

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all the bright places

I am coming back to you with book club! To know that you'd have had to check Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tagstr because that's where I post the books (and the announcement it was coming back). I made a change tho because I felt a month was too long for 1 book, I'm doing 2 books a month/1 book for half a month. I found myself not really being interested in discussing a book that I had finished 3 weeks prior so I think this will better suit a discussion!

Anyway, the book for this half of the month is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I heard about this book from Zoe Sugg (or Zoella) and when I popped into Chapters the display was so enticing I just knew it was meant to be. It's a young adult fiction book which is something I typically don't think is that great of a genre, but this book is about mental illness. Without giving away too many spoilers, there's 2 main characters, Violet and Finch, who both happen to be dealing with their own illnesses. The story chronicles their lives with it and really puts a perspective on what it's like to deal with mental illness as well as understanding someone with mental illness.

If you haven't read the book and would like to without spoiling it, please stop reading here. If you have read the book and want to talk about it, keep on going!

A book club to me isn't just one person talking about what they thought, it's a bunch of people really discussing theories, likes, dislikes, and even relating it to their lives. At this point I'm going to leave some questions if you'd like to answer them, or even just talk about what you want to talk about in the comments below!

Between Violet and Finch, which character did you like more?
How would you describe the book to someone who hasn't read it?
Do you think that mental illness was a constant?
And then the obvious, did you like it or not, what did or didn't you like, what would you change, how did the book make you feel, etc.

I'll be replying to everyone's comments so that we can really discuss what we all thought about the book!

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