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lush haul

It's been a while since I've written anything but is there any better "I'm back" post than a haul? I think not! This weekend I did a little shopping trip in Toronto with some friends and had to stop in Lush because it's my favourite thing in the whole world. I've never been in a Lush store and have only used 1 bath bomb before but I still really love everything the company stands for. But when I went into the store I was focused so badly on bath bombs that I completely ignored everything else. On my trip home I looked at the Lush catalog and realized I needed other items and ordered online. I knew how fast Lush shipping was as I ordered a gift for someone before, so today I received my order that had just shipped yesterday! Anyway, enough with the back story, let's get into the haul!

honey bee bath bomb
Honey Bee Bath Bomb: This bath bomb makes me want to jump straight into fall! It's definitely a scent that makes you feel warm and smooth kinda like honey!

butterball bath bomb
Butterball Bath Bomb: Hearing so many people love this scent I knew I just had to get it, and you can't go wrong with vanilla!

dragon's egg bath bomb
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb: This one looked so pretty and sounds so pretty I just popped it right into my basket. A light citrus scent accompanies this super cute ball of love!

sakura bath bomb
Sakura Bath Bomb: I have to stick with white bath bombs because the colour ones stain my tub and this one was a no brainer! Smelling it I was familiar with the scent but couldn't place it until a girl told me it smells like laundry soap. So fresh and so clean!

soak and float shampoo bar
Soak and Float Shampoo Bar: As someone who is dealing with a very dry, itchy, flakey scalp and is always looking for a method of clearing it up, I decided to put this in my cart. It looks really gross and doesn't smell all that great. But when touching it you can feel the oils so I can't wait to review this product!

tisty tasty bath bomb
Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb: This scent seems pretty obvious because of the petals and it smells exactly like a flower garden and is said to look like one too!

superbalm scalp treatment
Superbalm Scalp Treatment: Yet again working on the scalp this product was another thing I knew I had to put into my basket. It smells exactly like green tea and is filled with ingredients that are supposed to combat flaky scalps. Another one to review!

rock star soap
Rock Star Soap: This is a little sample I received but man oh man this makes me want to order this full size! This smells like something I would eat it's so sweet!

That's it! All of these products are available on Lush's website! If there's anything you want me to review let me know in the comments!

What's your favourite product from Lush?
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