Living in a Post Trend Era

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If it hasn't been apparent to you yet, we are living in a world where there is no set trends. Yes it's scary, but this is seriously the most amazing thing that can happen. And let me tell you why.

In the fashion world it's easy to spot trends before they're coming because everyone seems to be wearing them. At first you might think, that person is out of their mind for that or, that actually looks pretty amazing I need to try it. So we rush to the stores to buy it or we wait until it's put into a magazine first before we start to love it. Trends are forecast half a year in advance and how these designers all seem to follow the same ones during fashion week is still a mystery to me. But still, everyone manages to wear the same thing in different ways and that's what we've considered 'personal style' for so long.

But right now, at this very instant, there are no set trends. If you pay attention to magazines, for the past couple of months you'll see that their trends section has been getting smaller and less structured. Celebrities/fashionistas are doing they're own thing and mostly a different thing each and every day. We have everything from 60's to 90's, all black to everything neon, rough and tough to soft and delicate, summer to winter... everything! There are no fashion boundaries, no rules to be broken, no guidelines to keep up with. We simply are able to dress however we want and still be in fashion.

If you're someone who strictly follows trends only, you're probably having a hard time dealing with this. And that's okay! But this is complete fashion freedom! You can wear that shirt with those pants without feeling the wrath of pairing two very different trends. Your closet will double in outfits. This is a free (fashion) world! Now on the opposite hand, if you don't follow trends at all, you probably have no care to this at all. And that's great! Keep doing you booboo! 

What I'm trying to say here is, wear what you want and you'll be in fashion regardless!

What do you think of this post trend era? Are you loving it?
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