Adapt Or Leave: Canadian Ignorance

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Just a warning now that this may possibly upset a loooooooot of people, which is essentially the people I am writing this for. By all means if you'd like to send me hate, go for it but I'm hoping you know that simply makes you my audience.

I live in Canada, a multicultural country, where we have some of the most ignorant residents. I can't tell you how often I hear people say they are sick and tired of Canada accepting immigrants and "changing the laws" for them. But there's something really ironic about all of this and that's the majority of us Canadians at one point came from another country. WOW SHOCKER I know. I'm not saying the people who are getting angry about this "issue" are immigrants, but their relatives have been immigrants. And our ancestors didn't immigrate to Canada, they INVADED IT. Wow another huge shocker!

Within my knowledge of the Indigenous I know that my ancestors came from England, invaded this new country and essentially pushed any and all Native Americans into small chunks of land. They then tried to abolish them through Residential schools and by turning them into soldiers. My ancestors took over an entire country, changed and created all of the laws that they "needed" to and have now left us calling it "our country." To which people around me feel so entitled to say that we shouldn't be accepting anyone into the country that weren't born here.

Yes, I was born here in Canada, as was my mother and my grandmother and my great grandmother, so yes I am a Canadian. At some point in this line though, my family was from England. As so happens to be the majority of Canadians. But the Canadians whose ancestors aren't from England, nor  Native American, are from another country. They were at one point immigrants. So it's kinda weird how now all of a sudden it's a massive issue that Canada accepts LEGAL immigrants, isn't it?

History lesson over because I'm sure you understand the point I've made. But this "issue" doesn't stop there. The majority reasoning behind people migrating to Canada is that there is something horrible going on in their country where they cannot live freely or safely. They come to Canada looking for safety, not to take over the country or change the way we live on a daily basis, as some people tend to think.

A multicultural country is one that allows people of multiple countries to reside and live how they used to. A multicultural country is one that builds all places of worship so that everyone can practice their religion. A multicultural country is one that allows people to celebrate their culture in the ways they know how to. A multicultural country is what Canada is.

It is what we pride ourselves upon and what we bring to the world. Freedom and acceptance. If that means that we have to accommodate our laws to accept different religions and cultures, then so be it. We aren't overruling all of our foundations. We aren't creating a whole new country. We aren't telling Canadians to stop being Canadians. It is simply just opening our doors to people in need and making them feel comfortable so that they are able to live their lives, just like we do.

I understand that everyone has their opinions and their thoughts and their beliefs. I am not here to tell you that you are unable to think something different than me. I am simply here to tell you that the world is constantly changing, every single second that we are alive. There are things currently happening that I have grown up with that other generations have to adapt to. There will be things in the future that future generations will grow up with that I will have to adapt to. We cannot hold onto the past and try to evolve at the same time. What I am saying is that you have to adapt to the world around you, regardless of how much you may hate it, or you are free to leave.

Because at the end of the day we aren't on this world forever and we are all humans. Stop spending your life hating people because of their religion or their race or the country which they're from. It really isn't worth it, now is it? I didn't think so.

What are your thoughts on this Canadian ignorance?

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