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Well hello there!

desk space

If you follow my Instagram (COUGH COUGH COUGH PLEASE GO DO SO) you'd know that a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get a desk into my room! I really needed a space where I could sit and write instead of breaking my neck every time I wanted to do something on my laptop. When I was gifted a desk I just knew I had to make it work so I took out some dressers, put more and more into my closet, and voila! Now I'm not here to tell you how to rearrange your room to fit a desk in, mainly because it was a lot of tape measuring everything to ensure a good fit. But I want to essentially show you in detail my desk space so that I can inspire you to create your own!

My desk is is a glass desk with a silver metal frame that includes 2 shelving units underneath. As it was gifted to me I'm not sure where it was bought but I'm sure something similar can be found at basically every store that sells desks. I had a choice between a glass desk or a metal/wooden one but I felt the glass would keep the space more open.

desk space

I created a makeup space because my desk is right under my window, which is obviously the best lighting to do makeup in. For this I kept the makeup brush holder I had on another dresser, moved my small mirror over and placed my usual makeup on a decorated plate.  

desk space

My little business section is to the left side of my desk. I placed my laptop charger behind my picture frames and under the mirror at the back to keep the cord from being blatantly obvious. I have to still find a container to hold some pencils and pens in which will also sit in this section.

desk space

Underneath the desk I have placed all of my nail polishes, other makeup and perfumes on the top shelf. Under this shelf is a printer which I really didn't want to have showing thru the top of the desk. I kept these in the boxes they were in previously which I found at the dollar store a few years ago.

desk spae

Behind my desk I added a full length mirror from Walmart. This to me opens the space up more and adds a little extra to the desk as well. Not to mention that I basically put it there to do my makeup and to take selfies...

dw homes sweet fig candle

And of course I had to add a candle to my space. This super amazing Sweet Fig candle I bought at Winners but is from DW Home and it smells soon wonderful!

desk space

I also added some fake flowers to the corners to give it a bit more colour and to help keep my curtains out of the way. I'm definitely not someone with a green thumb so fake is the way to go for me!

I'm really happy with my desk space because it gives me more motivation to actually write blog posts, which I've been slacking on. Additionally it provides me with a fantastic back drop for Instagram's (HELLO YES HI ANOTHER SELF PROMO FOR INSTAGRAM)! Now just to find some more art to add to a blank wall and then my entire room is officially picture ready!

Is adding a desk to your room on your wishlist? Or have your perfect desk space complete? Tweet me pictures or tell me about it in the comments below!

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