#FFAWDressUp: Dresses In Winter!

Well hello there!

I was contacted by Farfetch to enter a competition among bloggers to show how dresses aren't just for Spring and Summer, featuring one of the many designer dresses on their website. Living in Canada, where we deal with some of the coldest winters, I couldn't pass this opportunity up! I'm a firm believer that dresses are all season appropriate - so long as you know how to style them, which is exactly what I am going to show you how to do!

As someone who envisions whole scenes when it comes to outfits, let me set the scene up for you. I know that Canadian winters prove very difficult to travel in and they just aren't something you want to be outside in. For that reason I'm seeing this scene being a party/gathering at someone's house, whether it be for a holiday or just simply because! There isn't much walking outside to do, other than from the car to the house, house to the car, and all pathways are cleared. I'm making this very specific because in Canada if you so much as think about going outside and walking in a lot of snow in anything other than heavy duty winter boots, you just so happen to be in the hospital with pneumonia and a broken shoe. Now that the scene is pretty well set, let's get on with the outfit!

The winter season has a lot to do with sparkling, so I obviously had to choose the dress based on this fact. 
balmain gold leaf dress

Even tho there isn't much of being outside, it's still vital to wear a coat to this party. This year's biggest trend is the cape coat so I obviously had to opt for that!
sacai luck cape coat

A clutch big enough to carry your phone and some makeup bits is all that you really need!
lanvin rectangluar clutch

Every time I wear a dress in the winter I always always always wear a sheer tight to keep in a bit of warmth and also because I don't self-tan in the winter. With this dress, if you wanted to use a tanner on your legs I wouldn't suggest sheer tights, but if you aren't using tanner I would suggest wearing some tights. On the website there isn't really plain sheer tights so the closest thing I could find were these thicker tights. I really do suggest using a tanner because the heels I've chosen would look killer with bare legs!
rick owen tights

Since the dress is very eye catching, I've stuck with simple black pumps that have a bit of an interesting factor. I like to keep the ankle and foot area open so it really creates a longer leg (which is definitely needed for someone like myself at 5'3")
gianni renzi stiletto pumps

I'm not one for jewelry, and with this much of a statement dress I don't want to overdue it with accessories. I think that with a nice chignon and a simple earring can really attract the right attention!
wouters & Hendrix black earrings

Still keeping it simple in the jewelry department, stacking a few of these would be really all that's needed!
drew&evan curvy ring

Keep your hands warm on your travels with some simple short gloves
ferragamo gloves

And keep your ears warm too!
yves salomon ear muffs

That's it! I like to keep outfits simple with one statement piece because I tend to feel uncomfortable if I have a lot of overpowering pieces, and the black/gold combination is my fave! The main ingredient to wearing dresses in the winter is to learn how to dress for the weather and conditions. Would I wear pumps if I had to trudge through snow to get to where I'm going? Not a chance, I would carry a larger bag and put them on when I arrived. I'd also most likely wear a pair of pants over my dress just for the journey there because it's not uncommon to get frostbite here. Dresses are very easy to wear in the colder months, they just require more layers to stay warm!

Thank you to Farfetch for reaching out to me to enter into this competition! Good luck to all other entries!

What would you style this Balmain dress with for winter?
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  1. loving the khaki coat. xx Lita

    1. I agree! They also have it in army green and navy!


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