My 2015... According To Instagram!

Well hello there!

2015 best nine

Another year has passed which means another selfie loaded post because let's be real here, I don't Instagram much else. Before we get started, check out last year's first! Now that you've probably not done that, let's dive on in!

First selfie of 2015:

Dyed my hair back to blonde:

Applied to Pratt:

Got accepted to Brock:

Last morning selfie in the Buffalo mirrors:

Started filling in my sleeve:
Got accepted to the Academy of Art:

When I realized Monday was reoccurring:

When I started back at the gym:

Attended a James Bay concert:

Thought I had a green thumb:

Got a James Bay tattoo:

Tickets to Mumford & Sons:

Most liked selfie:

Dyed my hair purple:

Attended Mumford & Sons:

Grew a purple moustache:

Dyed my hair blue:

Grew a blue moustache:

Got my Tagstr Ambassador box in:

Had the best latte art:

Had a random mixture hair colour:

Stocked up:

Took the hardest test ever:

Dyed back to boring brown:

Got impatient:

Went to a handmade market:

Perfected the man bun:

Missed my purple hair:

Perfected my eyeliner:

Got a matching tattoo with my soulmate:

And got a tattoo for my little JL:

Baked a lot of cookies:
Met Grayson for the first time:

Had some Christmas spirit:

And the last selfie of 2015:

Basically I started 2015 off with pink hair and now I'm ending it very sick. Overall this was a great year with some big changes, to my hair and to my life. I decided not to go back to school and that it's really not for me so I probably won't be going back. I figured out how to do my eyeliner and red lips and also that dying your hair with direct dye is really hard to get out. I met the first and only man to steal my heart. And I got a lot of tattoos.

Welcome to the life of MacKenzie. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!
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