New Years At The Fairmont Grand Del Mar!

Well hello there!

Okay okay you might be thinking I'm a little crazy for planning a New Years Outfit already because Christmas hasn't even come around. Buuuuuut realistically theres only 1 week between New Years and Christmas which basically leaves no time to find out an outfit. There's the crazy people that New Years Eve afternoon are still looking for one and I'm just not going to allow that from my readers! So to help you all out, I'm going to list a few of my favourite outfits for your New Years party!

My whole planning of the outfit is to accommodate to some San Diego, California weather. Now you might be thinking "but MacKenzie you live in Canada and it's not going to be warm there" and you're right. But the swanky Fairmont Grand Del Mar is hosting a fabulous event called the Grand New Years Eve Party and how could I not want to attend that, especially with it being such a spectacular place? Just look!

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

Now that you have the place in mind, let's get our outfit ready! I'm the kind of person that believes if you're going to wear a piece once then you shouldn't spend too much on it (unless it's your wedding day). For that reason I'm going to keep the outfit affordable, but definitely still stylish!




I'd keep this outfit really simple, very minimal because you want the playsuit to really stand out. For makeup I'd go with a basic winged liner, very minimalistic. A bun, either loose or chic would really enhance the neckline - any kind of hairstyle that is completely up. Blue velvet is my absolute favourite thing right now; I think it looks so timeless and really does a knockout job on any piece. The deep neckline and the low lace back are so stunning and jaw dropping, you'll be the talk of the party for days. The great thing about playsuits is that they're fairly casual enough that you don't feel uncomfortable but the material of this makes this piece so classy!

This outfit is under $200 (Canadian) and you can rewear it. I think that this outfit is a great investment and I would totally wear it to the Grand New Year's Eve Party at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar!

What are you going to be wearing for New Years Eve?
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  1. I made a post for the same hotel. Great post! I love that velvet playsuit; I am so obsessed with velvet this season. ♡

    1. I love your post! Your options are super beautiful and I absolutely adore the shawl! I love love love velvet this season too, it's definitely taken an upgrade from the past!


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