Pantone Pastels Inspired Outfit!

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Spring is finally here! Maybe not weather wise, depending on where you are, but today technically marks the first day of spring! Spring means we can shed all of our layers, put away our boots and bring the pretty pastels out to play! 

It's absolutely perfect timing for Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, to be added into your wardrobes. The beauty of these colours is that they look fabulous together and really bring a Spring vibe to everything. 

It seems to me that as soon the warmer weather hits, tons of fancy events pop up. Probably because no one likes to leave their warm comfy beds when it's cold out. And what better way to attend these events than in the colors of the year?

That's where this outfit comes in! I can imagine wearing this to a wedding because it's absolutely perfect for it! It's very simple, very fresh and very clean while still being fashionable. It also gives you some spare time to catch some rays before wearing dresses! 

For accessories I chose to stick with some ultra light colours. Adding anything too dark would have made the look too heavy, so an off-white palette really works to bring it all together.

In terms of hair I would go with a wispy, windswept updo to really showcase the detailing on the shirt. With makeup I would do something peachy and dewy to really bring out the Spring vibes.

All of these pieces can be found on Farfetch along with tons of other beautiful designer items! They even have beauty items which is so cool and really took me by surprise when I was browsing the site. It definitely adds to the damage I could do to my bank account!

I'd be really interested in hearing how you plan on wearing the Pantone 2016 Colors, or even what you'd do differently to this outfit!

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