22 Things I've Learned Before Turning 22!

Well hello there!

It's that time of year again where I get older and write another list of things that I've learned in the past year. I'm not gonna lie, each year it gets harder because I've used some of my "set life advice" already and I don't really like using it again. The first post I did of this was super easy because I had 20 years to think of it so I mean, 20 is always better than 1. But we might as well get into it because this year, there's 22 things I have to get thru, and yes, no worries, that makes me feel significantly old(er).

1. Tomorrow is a new day. Everyone has bad days, even the most upbeat of people, and it's perfectly fine. Try to put everything that happened today behind you so that you can start fresh and build yourself a good day.

2. Chocolate is good at any time of the day. Easily the best thing about "being an adult" is being able to choose when you want to eat chocolate. Even if it means getting a side-eye from a co-worker at 8am because you're shovelling down M&Ms.

3. Change whenever you want to. Hair colour, cities, personality traits... whatever it is that you feel like needs a change, change it. Don't wait for next week, because it always becomes next year before you know it.

4. Do things to make yourself better. Eat your fruits and vegetables, take your makeup off at night, exercise every so often, drive around and listen to music. Take care of yourself.

5. Be young. It means something different to everyone, and anyone can be young, but just do it to what you believe it to be. Because life is more fun that way.

6. Wear what you want to wear. I know I know, as someone that's into fashion I probably shouldn't be saying that, but first and foremost I'm a body positive-r. If something makes you feel good but it was "out last season," just wear it.

7. It's best to feel good about yourself. Learn to love yourself in every way you come in. Makeup on, makeup off, sweats, gown, fit, unfit. Love it all.

8. Everyone else has no idea what they're doing either. Okay, maybe someone else said this one time, but it's a serious thing. Even the most "adult" people you can think of just make everything up on the daily. Trust me, they do.

9. 5 -10 year plans do no one any good. Tomorrow is never set in stone so trying to think that far in advance only wastes your thoughts. Do things when they feel right to do them.

10. Stop worrying. Pretty simple, pretty self-explanatory. Just don't do it. It's not good for you.

11. Perfect your go-to makeup look. Work and work and work on it until you have it down so good that you can do it in your sleep. Yes it makes a difference in your life when you do it because you know you've done it well and not much else feels better than that.

12. Experience as much as you can. Everyone always says to travel and do this and do that, and although they're right in the "do it" sense, do what's in your capacity to do.

13. Learn to cook. Before you know it you'll be inviting people over for meals and you need to know the basics. No one's asking you to be Jamie Oliver, but the basics open up your imagination to the endless possibilities of food. Plus, ya know, eating is kind of a survival thing.

14. Work hard. It doesn't matter what it is that you're working hard at, so long as you're doing it.

15. Commit to Netflix for your own sanity. Or whatever TV/Movie service you want. You might think that it does nothing for you but I know first hand that it sparks so many conversations. Also, make sure to hit up the documentaries.

16. Watch how you spend your money. This is so vital in the list of things you need to know about yourself. Not only does it teach you how to save money but it teaches you how not to spend it so instantly. Paying attention to the things you throw out also helps.

17. Create a life you want to live. You'll never have to say that you're stuck and that's the greatest life accomplishment.

18. Open your mind to all things new. The world is ever changing and that's how it's always going to be. If you open up your mind to what it brings to you and what it shows you, you'll never have to fear it.

19. Think of each day as having the potential to be the greatest day of your life. In the same line as #1, each new day is completely unwritten. If you go in thinking that it's going to be a bad one, it will be. Don't start it off like that.

20. It can't be said enough, but everyone has opinions. Every person on this planet will have both negative and positive opinions about every little thing. You have them too. It's okay to have opinions, just keep them to yourself and learn to ignore other's.

21. Essentially, stop listening to what everyone else thinks about you. If you want to do it, be it, wear it, eat it, then just do it. Because...

22. Life is all about happiness. Find what makes you happy and do it all the time. Without fear or doubt. And if it changes, then let it. Never stop doing what makes you the happiest version of yourself.

Until next time...

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