Accessorizing for Spring!

Well hello there!

To be quite honest I was going to write this post in a little cafe in a quaint little town not too far from where I live, but the weather this weekend has just been so nice and I couldn't be bothered to drive down just to sit in a cafe. So instead this is coming to you straight from my bed as the weather is turning a bit rainy. But that's what spring is all about!

I mean, the season is all about rain and warmth and spending every waking minute outside, but the online store Spring is all about buying all the accessories you need for the season. After chatting with friends at Spring, I decided to share my list of spring accessory essentials with you lovely lot reading this, using their massive amount of products on their website. I'm not gonna lie, I spent probably about 3 hours coming up with this little list because there's just so much stuff to choose from, whether it be brands or items. I found all of these cool little unique brands I had never heard of and fell desperately in love with them, but much to my dismay they don't ship to Canada. Which is good news for my American readers since there's one less person that you'll have to worry about buying your favourite thing!

Anyway, let's get on with my list and my little explanations of why I chose each item!

These types of round cat eye sunglasses have been absolutely everywhere this year. Sunglasses are so important because they actually provide some sort of benefit to you rather than just enhance your outfit. But I can guarantee you that you'll see a million of this style around, and this pair is just so classic I had to choose them!

This pair of sunglasses is more feminine in the way they're structured while still having that round cat eye effect. I think these would look so nice with a sundress to add in that bit of 'glam' factor!

These purple babies are my favourite! I had a pair of heart sunglasses last year and they were just so perfect and I've had such a hard time finding more. They're so quirky, I love them!

A classic watch is the perfect accessory for spring. The plain face, the leather strap... such beauty in a time piece!

You know this days when your hair is super greasy and still looks greasy when you pull it back? Those are the days you need a baseball hat, just like this one. The baby blue colour is obviously the best spring pastel and it doesn't give off that sporty vibe which is perfect!

Maybe you don't love chokers but you do have to admit that they're back in now. This simple black one is the best way to get into that trend!

As someone who doesn't really wear jewelry, I can't help but admire those people with the stacks and stacks of little dainty rings all over their fingers! This cute basic ring would be so perfect stacked up with other little ones. 

I'm the kind of person that buys scarves because I think they're so easy but then they just sit in my closet untouched until I just end up giving them away. These cute little neck ties don't add in all that bulk that infinity scarves do but they give you just that added touch you need to an outfit!

Don't forget to check out the website to have a look at the tons and tons of items they have! There's definitely something for everyone!

Until next time...
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