Solving Your Common Bra-Blems!

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If you're anything like me, then when you read the word "bra-blems" about 4 different issues popped into your head. I've been wearing a bra for the majority of my life and I've had my fair share of days thinking about burning all of my bras. I don't, mind you, because I like my boobs brought up and generally looking larger than they actually are. But some days they just get to be such a hassle that it really puts my mind into wondering why I spend so much money on such a contraption. 

I know you've had those days too. They're either flopping out, moving around, sliding down, or riding up. "WHY CAN'T SOMEONE JUST SOLVE ALL OF OUR BRA PROBLEMS??????????" you scream in your head (or even, on the bad days, out loud to a crowd of random strangers just trying to go about their day). My friends, I have been given the answers. The bra gods have rained them down upon me and wanted me to share them with you to which I of course said "YES YES YES YES YES YES"!

The bra gods in this case are ThirdLove. Let me tell you how freaking amazing these wonderful creatures are first. They have this app that helps you with sizing which is actually one of the most common issues when it comes to bras. There is nothing worse than being fitted at the wrong size, or a bunch of different sizes for different stores, or even feeling like you're in between sizes. All you do is download the app, put on your best fitting bra, take some pictures and get fitted! Super simple! And they even do between sizes! How awesome is that?!?!

I know you all came here for solutions, but before we get into 6 common bra-blems, let's discuss how exactly we should be putting our bras on. This little instruction on how to properly put on a bra might actually solve the problems you might be having!

bra problems

Now that we have that situated, let's work out the straps on these babies. My most common problems are that my straps need to be tightened a lot (as I for some reason have been losing weight even while eating donuts on the daily) and that my band rides up. Thankfully Thirdlove has solutions!

bra problems

But straps and bands aren't the only bra-blems we have, now are they? If it's not them, it's gotta be the cups. I'm constantly the person with their hands in their bra pushing them back into place because they're overflowing or lifting them back up because they've seem to shrunk for the day. With these tips tho I'm looking forward to less time being spent digging around in my bra and more time digging around in a chip bag!

bra problems

Now that all of our common bra-blems are solved thanks to the geniuses at Thirdlove, take a browse on over at their selection of beautiful bras. They even have more tips and tricks over there for you to find the perfect bra for your boob shape! Who even know boobs had shapes? I didn't! 

My favourite bra is the Lace Balconette Bra! The balconette style has been a favourite of mine since I can remember because of the way my boobs are shaped, it seems to lift them up and make them just how I want them. And the lace just makes me feel so good about myself, which is a major statement that Thirdlove wants to make. Bras aren't meant for you to feel like you should HAVE to wear them and have all of these hostile feelings toward. You should feel great in your bra and you should want to wear it, which is why I'll definitely be buying some of these to add to my wardrobe!

And with Thirdlove being the greatest people to ever exist, they're letting me share a special code with you for you to get 15% off! Use the code BRABLEMS to save some of your hard earned money while feeling like the goddess that you are in your new bras (and some super cute matching underwear)! 

Happy shopping!

Until next time...

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